Come learn from a Tantric couple who have a finger on the industry pulse; over 30 years combined experience in the healing arts; and an open and dedicated professional support team.

Eliyah’s three fundamental Trainings are Kundalini-Tantra, Priest-Priestess & Cosmic-Serpent – fast becoming the industry standard in Feminine Tantra Practice.

Teach yourself and your clients to: be with the power of the emotional body; sublimate emotional and sexual energy into the heart; and rediscover Love & Purpose in the higher centres of non-duality.

Eliyah’s Three Trainings are based on the Kundalini Symbol (the caduceus) depicting two serpents rising up into wings. Consider Eliyah’s first two trainings to be the two serpents rising and the third training to be the wings. Whereas Eliyah’s first two trainings are based on the animal-heart-consciousness model, the third training will be a journey through the seven energetic centres.

Eliyah Training 1
Philosophy: Emotion & Shadow, Core Wounds, Masculine & Feminine
Technique: Kundalini-Catharsis
Eliyah Training 2
Philosophy: Pain & Pleasure, Sacred Union, Ceremony & Sound
Technique: Kundalini Sublimation
Eliyah Training 3
Philosophy:  Tantric Yoga, Empowerment, Embodied-Self-Development, Mastery in Non-reaction
Technique: The Practice
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