“I’ve never experienced so much healing, bliss, fun, and love since my first Eliyah Practitioner Training. I feel reborn. The Eliyah body work model, combined with it’s philosophy, is absolutely amazing and life changing.  I wasn’t even in my body until I met Chantelle and Simon –  I was just living in my head and doing what was expected of me.  Since working with Eliyah, I am now doing what I love, I have found my voice and I actually feel alive and happy! My gratitude is endless.  Thank you Eliyah, for everything you have given me.”  

Georgia Ruse


Experience Eliyah-Tantra Training with Chantelle Raven and Dr Simon Martin, an experienced married team who have over 30 years combined experience in the Healing Arts.

Come and learn the contemporary skills and practices of Tantra that will assist you and your clients (couples and singles) on their path to deeper love and union. This is a 7-day intense training course, with 3 months support available post-training as well as extensive reading material to help you on your way. During each course, we take between 2 and 8 applicants so you can receive the specialised care needed for quality training.

This Tantra Training is designed as an upskilling for those passionate about taking their personal-practice of Tantra into service. The promise of this immersion is to offer you the tools, energetic support and hands-on experience to make your healing practice the dream it can be.

This offering is a local, boutique program held in Perth and is limited to 8 people per year by application only. This is a rare training opportunity awaiting a select few within this expanding field (some kind of background or established business in the healing arts will find favour on intake). This is not a “broad-brush” program for anyone, it is a niche offering for those chasing our signature-form of bodywork and session model.

The training is based on the Kundalini Symbol (the caduceus), depicting two serpents rising up into wings. Consider Part 1 to be the serpent rising, Part 2 to be the open wings above, and Part 3 to be the messianic force of the awakened heart. Whereas the first half of the week is based on an animal-heart-consciousness model and the second half will be a journey through the seven energetic centres.

Part 1 (Day 1 – 3)

Psychology of Tantra: Emotion & Shadow, Core Wounds, Masculine & Feminine

Tantra and Business: Building a session model that works and how to infuse this training into your current modality. Including clearing blockages around finance and re-wiring self-limiting beliefs

Tantric Bodywork: Kundalini-Catharsis, De-armouring, Trauma Release, Stress Responses

Part 2: (Day 3 – 5)

Psychology of Tantra: Sexuality as a healing modality, Enriching Relationship into Sacred Union

Tantra and Business: The subtle but potent difference between working with women, men and couples to supercharge your sessions

Tantric Bodywork: Sublimation, Polarity in couples with power & surrender

Part 3: (Day 5 – 7)

Psychology of Tantra:  Living-Tantra, Ceremony, Mastery in Non-reaction

Tantra and Business:  Session Templates which will weave your unique gifts and sustain long-term growth in clients

Tantric Bodywork: Combining Sound with Bodywork

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