Identifying and working through debilitating patterns in your life and relationships.
Learning to value, protect and care for Self.  Cultivating healthy masculine and feminine.  Empowered inner and outer relating.  Overcoming Addictions, anxiety, depression & stress.  Getting through difficult times such as relationship break down.
Energy based Body Work which includes:
– Flushing trauma from your nervous system so that you can be in your ease
– De-armouring the heart and the sex centre so that you can expand into more      love, pleasure and self compassion
– Awakening your consciousness and sexuality

COUPLES ($300)

Understanding how love-making and relationships are a spiritual practice.
Learning how to meet each other’s needs without losing your authentic self.

For an intensive journey that initiates couples onto the tantric path and into the realm of Sacred Union please click here.


THE 8 HOUR PACKAGE $1,200 (SAVE $300)

This package is divided into five sessions of approximately 1.5 hours each and preferably over 5 weeks (or 3-4 days for those who prefer an immersion experience).  During this journey, you will learn how to empower yourself to shift from where you are to where you want to be. It is not just your mindset that will change – you will experience a recalibration of your nervous system as you come home to your body.

I will help you to meet and overcome the biggest obstacles in the human experience: the fear of being alone and not feeling whole and complete unto yourself.  There is no “ideal person” or “ideal job” that is going to rescue you from your suffering.  Relationships often start off well, but unless you know how to meet your own needs, be with your pain, move towards your pleasure and create a life that you deserve, relationships are doomed.  Nothing outside of yourself is the problemThe deeper source of of suffering is the great forgetting of who you really are.  I am here to help you Remember.

There is a wisdom and maturity that you will develop through immersing yourself in “the work”.  You will begin to feel a sense of wholeness and no longer need any person or job to “complete” you.  You will experience more clarity, awareness and an ever expanding heart. It is my intention that when you complete this package, you will not only have a vastly expanded relationship with your own inner landscape, but also your sexuality and the world you live in.  Options are also available for those who want to facilitate this work for clients and students who come your way.

The immersion includes:  body work, home practice and tools that you can take into your life so that your new life can begin that is more aligned with who you really are.

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