Spiritual Retreats

A Spiritual Retreat is time set aside to examine, explore, and embrace the highest potential of your soul and your relationships. A retreat is permission to “vacate” all of the ordinary distractions and dedicate time to you, so that you can find ask the important questions that reveal not only answers, but life changing truths that lay in your body and in your heart.

In an ideal world, each of us would find a way to go on a spiritual retreat at least once a year, to find our inner compass, recharge and receive the care and attention that we need. So, in order to accommodate this modern necessity, Eliyah has created a number of spiritual retreats that take place every year which will drastically change the quality of your life. Wherever you’re located around Australia, our spiritual Tantra retreats are ideal for everyone.

Being A Woman: India Retreat

An 8-day, women’s pilgrimage where you will learn, practise and embody the ancient wisdom of Tantra, Kundalini and the path of the Scared Feminine in India at one of the world’s most venerated holy sites – Tiruvannamalai.

Living Tantra: Bali Retreat

A contemporary and streamlined interpretation of the wisdom of Tantra in Balinese Paradise for men and women. Whilst spiritual traditions have generally aimed to achieve God-realization through transcending the physical world, Living Tantra is based on the understanding that every experience we have in this human life is an invitation to meet, realize and embrace our divinity.

Individual Private Retreat in WA for Couples and Singles

For anyone wanting to experience radical transformation in your life, one of the most supportive and renewing decisions you can make is to participate in a private spiritual retreat, tailored to meet your individual needs. Private retreats are usually held over 4 days and 3 nights in a beautiful venue in southern WA (where the ocean meets the sea). You will be living with a married Tantric couple, Chantelle Raven and Simon Martin for couple retreats, or with Tantricas, Chantelle Raven and Tara Meegan for single retreats. You will be immersed in their way of life, wisdom and teachings, experiencing the weaving of their areas of expertise and being held by their direct transmission of living a tantric life.

During each of our Tantra retreats, you will discover and experience tantric skills, develop your inner tantric nature and practice to inspire, nurture and heal your spirit. By focusing on the connection between sexuality and spirituality, you’ll open yourself up to a new depth of sexual self-acceptance, ways to enhance relationships in your life, and receive tantric tips for a soulful and spicy relationship.

Relationships and navigating sexuality are by far one of our biggest undertakings in life. We spend many years training and mentoring for our chosen work path. However, we begin our intimacy path with no training or mentorship at all. These private retreats offer the training you never received, tailored to meet your needs.

For more information about our spiritual Tantra retreats across Perth and Australia, email Chantelle at livingandllovingwildly@ymail.com.


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