Song of Tantra E-Book

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Song of Tantra E-Book

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Consider this beautiful, 80-page e-book a radical new pathway for you to experience the love and freedom you already are for your relationship with Self, Beloved and Great Spirit. A great primer for those stepping into sacred relating or those already in midst of the journey.

Love Chantelle (Raven) & Simon


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“The ABANDONMENT wound surfaces in the feminine whenever there is disconnection or rejection from the masculine.
The INTIMACY wound surfaces in the masculine whenever he feels smothered, constrained or attacked from the feminine.
Often a combination of both the Mother and Father wounds are at play, showing up as a cycle of moving desperately towards love (the ‘inner-child’s’ yearning) whilst at the same time moving coldly away from love (‘the guardian’s’ protecting).” The Song of Tantra


“In the old paradigm, we modify our behaviour constantly to meet each other’s needs, even if it is not in alignment with our authentic nature. In the middle path, we are open to the gifts and perspectives of our partner but we also do not lose our sense-of-self in the dance. This keeps the relationship AUTHENTIC and PASSIONATE.
In the middle path, we see our partner as an equal and consider that sometimes their needs and desires have something to TEACH us. We hold deep love, compassion and respect for ourselves and our partner at the same time.” The Song of Tantra


“If the feminine is giving herself away to someone who is only half choosing her, then she is selling herself for half price. And she is worth more than that.” The Song of Tantra