-So what would it be like to live with women dedicated to Tantra?
-Embodiment, Authenticity, Connection
-Sacred sexuality and Communication
-The art of human connection, intimacy, shared joy
-Calling in archetypes such as warrior, lover, magician, mother/father, sacred slut, dark feminine, dark masculine
-Feel a hit of rural tribe
-Authentic behaviour from love
-Letting go of fear guilt and shame around sexuality and emotionality
-Confidence to BE yourself and embrace your shadows
-The balance of compassionate love and fierce love
-What is possible with pleasure – love-making 1, 2 hours / day?
-What is possible with food?
-What is possible with human friendship and connection?
-What is possible with truly connecting to Mother Earth?
-How do we move the massive waves of emotion that flow through us?
-What is REAL abundance as opposed to affluence?
-Living big within the reality and confines of modern life
-See real sister-hood and brother-hood
-Be held and captivated by strong Mother and Lover energy
-Hands on deep healing (20 years + training and experience)

Five Day Private IMMERSION

Chantelle Raven & Tara Meagan/Georgia Rose

In the days of old we would learn ‘what is worth learning’ via transmission and imitation.
These days we have compart-mental-ised sacred learnings and teachings into convenient boxes, courses and discourse. While these are all great, nothing will come close or compare to simply LIVING with a teacher, seeing how they live their life and how they BE what they teach.

Setting up new patterns of living where the ‘rubber hit the road’ – with NEW HABITS. Sometimes simply seeing or knowing how someone else does something ignites a remembering in our being of what real living actually is…or could be.

For authenticity, we open our hearts for direct, transparent immersions where the teachings are simple yet profound. Please enter our daily practice and space. Sit with us, eat with us, talk with us, pray with us, work with us, clean with us, swim with us, meditate with us, sing with us, walk with us…while we negotiate this crazy world of non-community living.

Session Time:

We will also give 5-6 hours of sessions every day between us tailored to each individuals/couples needs.

PETAL FEATHER – THE TEACHER OF ALL TEACHERS, GURU OF ALL GURUS, SHAMAN OF ALL SHAMANS You won’t find Petal Feather giving away the secrets of the path so casually with the language of the mind. You are shown with your dreams, in the serendipitous actions and timings of your life, hidden within songs, in poetry, in friendship…Petal Feather may just appear as the picture of another ordinary actor, in this dream we call your life, so you are able to forget the encounter sooner and remember yourself.

Interested in an Immersion?