-So what would it be like to live with women dedicated to Tantra?
-Embodiment, Authenticity, Connection
-Sacred sexuality and Communication
-The art of human connection, intimacy, shared joy
-Calling in archetypes such as warrior, lover, magician, mother/father, sacred slut, dark feminine, dark masculine
-Feel a hit of rural tribe
-Authentic behaviour from love
-Letting go of fear guilt and shame around sexuality and emotionality
-Confidence to BE yourself and embrace your shadows
-The balance of compassionate love and fierce love
-What is possible with pleasure – love-making 1, 2 hours / day?
-What is possible with food?
-What is possible with human friendship and connection?
-What is possible with truly connecting to Mother Earth?
-How do we move the massive waves of emotion that flow through us?
-What is REAL abundance as opposed to affluence?
-Living big within the reality and confines of modern life
-See real sister-hood and brother-hood
-Be held and captivated by strong Mother and Lover energy
-Hands on deep healing (20 years + training and experience)

After our immersion with Chantelle, our lives were completely transformed.  Teachings on relationships should be in every school and every household. If only I had my hands on this stuff before I was married and had children – life would have made a lot more sense! Their work is deeply transformative and their love is an inspiration.”

Mel, Perth


For any of you wanting to bring about radical transformation in your life, one of the most supportive and renewing decisions you can make is to participate in a private spiritual retreat, tailored to meet your individual needs.  Private retreats are usually held over 4 days and 3 nights in a beautiful venue in southern WA (where the ocean meets the sea). You will be living with a Tantric couple, Chantelle Raven and Aaron Kleinerman for couple immersions, or with Tantricas, Chantelle Raven and Tara Meegan for Single immersions.  You will be immersed in their way of life, wisdom and  teachings, experiencing the weaving of their areas of expertise and being held by their direct transmission of living a tantric life.

You will discover and experience: tantric skills to develop your inner tantric nature, practices to inspire, nurture and heal your spirit,the connection between sexuality and spirituality, a new depth of sexual self-acceptance, ways to enhance relationships in your life, and tantric tips for a soulful and spicy relationship.

Relationships and navigating sexuality are by far one of our biggest undertakings in life. We spend many years training & mentoring for our chosen work path. However, we begin our intimacy path with no training or mentorship at all. These private retreats offer the training you never received, tailored to meet your needs.


Session Time:

In between delicious meals and time to rest and enjoy the surroundings, we will give you a 4-6 hours of sessions every day (depending on whether it is a full or half day) tailored to each individuals/couples needs.  All meals will be home cooked by an in house chef and shared together between sessions as it flows.  Informal time shared together may include spontaneous rituals, space holding and stimulating conversation to serve your journey.

All the essential information you will need to know about the Immersions and what is involved will be sent to you, once you contact Eliyah’s Support Team, Georgia, with your specific requests. Georgia may be contacted via email –

Interested in an Immersion?