How To Have More Money Using Tantric Practices

What is the area of life that stops people the most and causes the most fear?


Commonly, we earn money at the expense of our joy, or live in our joy at the expense of having lots of money. However, Tantra enables you to have both so that you can live a truly fulfilling, abundant life.


You may be surprised to know that above all else, Tantra is actually a practice that involves committing to finding and living as your Authentic Self. We live in a world where most people are not operating in alignment with their Truth, in relationships, work, hobbies and every day life.


If you are not aligned with your Authentic Self in the workplace, you probably get caught up in the day-to-day grind, feel unmotivated and tired frequently, and live for the weekend, your days off and holidays. What’s happening here is that your life force energy is not activated; you are cut off from your Lower Chakras. These Chakras are not only associated with Abundance and Money but also with Creativity, Sexuality and Emotions.


The workplace in today’s society is fraught with Unhealthy Masculine energy, which we can see with the competition, achievement focus, lack of heart connection, stress and comparison that business is riddled with. This framework is all about pushing outwards, getting results, getting on top, winning, striving to be bigger and better. It’s about looking amazing and achieving rather than serving with joy and from love. And it usually causes us to feel drained and burnt-out. Is it possible to earn lots of money in this mode? Of course! But you will not be truly happy and truly fulfilled.

When money is exclusive of joy and exclusive of Tantra, is having the money even worth it?


Those who are truly dedicated to the tantric path will always be doing what they really know, love and are passionate about, every day. When you are living your passions, creating with what brings you joy, actively engaging your sexuality and feeling truly alive, the more money will flow in. In fact, you will actually attract a lot of abundance because you are following your Truth, your purpose.


Tantra enables you to live your joy AND have money, not just one or the other.



1.Tantra awakens an intuitive-based creativity and passion which makes what you do ‘unique’

2.Tantra raises your vibration and awakens masculine presence and feminine flow

3.Tantra opens you up to be ready to receive and attract abundance

4. Tantra gives you tools to release whatever isn’t your authentic self (love) so you can show up and BE what you came here to be and do what you came here to do

5. Tantra awakens your sexual energy which is also your creative energy

6. Tantra teaches us mindfulness techniques so that the answers we are looking for arrive from awareness itself rather than being forced from ego. 


To discover tantric practices that we can use every day to live as our Authentic Self and attract more money, join us for the 8 Week Womens Embodiment Journey in Feb and March, LIFE TANTRA.

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