Being Woman - India. Women's Retreat


We invite you … Magnificent Woman; Mothers, Daughters, Grandmothers, Lovers of all Kind, Wild Women, Priestesses, Witches & Shaminas. Come forth Sisters, let us gather in a weeklong ceremonial space that will initiate you into your sacred feminine & dissolve what is no longer serving your feminine soul.

Blending Jungian Philosophy with Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, Sacred Sexuality and Ancient Temple Rites, we will help you to awaken the Sacred Feminine Archetypal Wheel (Mother, Lover, Priestess and Wild Woman with Queen in the Centre).

On sacred land in Tiruvannamalai in India, you will be guided over 8 days in India into deep intimacy with yourself, right to the source of your authentic power & wholeness.

You will:

  • Slow down, awaken and fall in love with your feminine soul
  • Dissolve the unhealthy masculine energy you have been running (trying to get somewhere, controlling, over-thinking, over-striving, choosing money over happiness, living in the mind over the body and heart
  • Activate your Sacred Sexuality & Reclaim your right to joy and pleasure
  • Awaken your Sexual Priestess
  • Become one with Mother Earth and feel her many gifts as we journey into sacred land
  • Attract the deep intimacy and sacredness you long for in a relationship
  • Trust wherever your heart wants to take you, following your passions
  • Start creating and attracting what is in alignment with your internal flame
  • Value the sisterhood’s magic & wisdom
  • Breakthrough to a new level of love, intimacy and sexual radiance
  • Have the tools and ways to honour yourself, the elements and Mother Earth
  • Allow your feminine to lead rather than the predominant masculine energy that pervades our culture
  • Deepen your capacity to be authentic, set boundaries, and ask for what you really want and need
  • Begin to trust your intuition and live from this place
  • Gift yourself permission to BE YOURSELF and live YOUR TRUTH


Day 1 - Arrival

Here we will sit in our first circle together and connect with Arunachala Mountain and our new found sisters. We will tune into the Sacred Masculine of the Mountain, which will be holding us throughout the week and only eye's view away. We will also tune into the Sacred Feminine - connecting with our womb and inner wisdom to set some powerful intentions for the week.

Day 2 - Lover

Rediscover your potential of living life fully from the body and heart, dearmouring the protective mechanism of the mind that builds up bodily tension and a lack of love, as well as a sense of separation. You will restore your direct connection with life by awakening and exploring the heart space and fully body awareness. The dearmouring practices we will be exploring will return you to the spontaneity, vitality, playfulness and innocence of a childlike state. You will discover how to restore the body’s ability to experience unfettered pleasure and joy.

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, most specifically, deity worship. The worship of deities has been practiced since ancient times in India and on this day we will be worshipping Goddess Lakshmi who is one of the most popular Hindu deities since she brings the material blessings of the world with her. She resides in many Hindu homes and businesses. We will connect with her devotionally by chanting her mantras, setting up an altar for her, and giving her the things she likes!

Sensory Awakening Ritual into sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. You will enter a temple bathed in sacred space... Soft lighting, soothing evocative music, comfortable mattresses, candles, aromas, an alter dedicated to the "Pleasure" Divas and of course platters of delicious sensual food including lovingly prepared Cacao delights to heighten the evening. Through a combination of touch and sensory experiences you will have an opportunity to drop into your body and enjoy feelings of bliss, relaxation, openness and all round Yumminess! You will feel the delight of being in the here and now of your sensory awareness, relishing in the more subtle energetic pleasures that the body can bring. You will also enjoy the art of present conscious touch and the benefits of giving and receiving without shame or agenda. A sensual & playful erotic play party with your divine sisters.

Day 3 - Wild Woman

We will connect to the land and to our Truth. We will share our passions, our dreams, our visions and different things that have helped us on our journey to truly honour who we are as women. We will enter practices together to effect real change in our lives that have a lasting effect. We will also experience a purification Ritual to purify your being and bodies from unwanted energies. You will learn how to maintain an energetic circle of respect around yourself. Part of embodying the Warrior archetype and keeping her alive in us is having healthy boundaries. You shall claim your energetic sword! Then howl by the moon with your sisters in celebration.

Kundalini Yoga, a powerful space to invoke the Warrior Goddess Durga and Wild One Kali Ma - a combination of meditation, pranayama, asana and mantra.

Full moon circumambulation of Arunachala mountain celebrating with ancient temple rites.

Day 4 - Priestess

We will visit Ramana’s ashram – a beautifully simplistic temple of grace that invokes deep self contemplation and magic. We will receive a transmission of true spirituality amongst Indians who pray with their bodies and sing with their souls. Through meditation and soul-journey we will connect with the ancient vedic culture, witnessing and taking part in puja, bhajan and chanting. We will release ceremoniously our identification with the past and attachment to the future. We will enter the mystery and feel the power of surrendering into the unknown.

Kundalini Yoga, where we invoke Shiva -a devotional session calling in our awareness, intuition and wisdom of the heart. Pranayama, Mantra and Devotion.

Priestess Initiation Ceremony. Sacred Temple Dance - a devotional and sexy spiritual practice of dance within the framework of Indian temple dance united with tantric yoga. We will experience being a conduit between this reality and the unseen words.

Day 5 - Mother

Creation Blood Ritual. Creation rituals are intended to birth something into physical, spiritual or emotional manifestation. We will share whatever we want to create with each other and then energetically seed "our babies" into our activated wombs.

Kundalini Yoga calling in the energy of Parvati with mantra – the gentle nurturing aspect of Shakti and the Hindu Goddess of fertility and devotion.

Sacred Rite of Passage - dissolves the negative impact generated through societal and inherited conditioning, traumas and destructive behaviour patterns of our mothers and feminine lineage. This is a powerful ceremony to break free from our mothers lineage and create a new one.

Day 6 - The Queen and Sacred Sexuality

We will work the serpent energy, igniting the rising Kundalini (life/sexual) energy in us. We will raise our sexual energy into our heart-space. We will explore what living Tantra means with all the archetypes embodied, and how to empower and own the essence of Love as your source.

Kundalini Yoga in the afternoon, journeying into bliss with powerful yogic practices as we claim our Queendom.

Co-created ceremony of our empowered archetypes coming to life in unity and for service.

Day 7: Integration

Tantra/Kundalini Yoga – A gentle nurturing sequence to balance your mind body spirit, to come into full integration of the energies being activated over the week.

Sacred Feminine Embodied - Learning the art of being vessel of Love and Messenger of Consciousness in your everyday life through chanting, creating an altar, meditation, music, dance, creativity, etc. State your longing for union with God/Source/Spirit Eternal and the deepening of the Mystery by alchemising challenges into sacred initiations. Master Connecting with Intuition and Spirit Guides

Feminine Mystery Ceremony
In this circle, No Suppression
In this circle, Deep Authenticity
In this circle, Great Power
In this circle, Rich Connection
In this circle a Great Rebirth

Day 8 - A co-created Celebration of our Awakened Shaktis!!!

A Commitment ceremony to live in our ease, power, receptivity and joy.


Sparsa Resort - Thiruvannamalai is situated at the base of Arunachala Mountain, with divine views. Completely relax in your luxurious resort, beautifully designed with a temple feel and mantras playing all day long. The gardens, layout and pool make it a surreal place to stay & relax into your own retreat space. Find yourself at home and completely immersed in beauty, culture, and peace.

The body is our mystic symbol, as a temple for the divine; and is to be celebrated and nourished with delicious, high vibration, authentic Indian vegetarian food. Sparsa Resort has an in house restaurant which will provide us with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

For more information on the venue, please visit - Thiruvannamalai Resort


Prices are based on twin share accommodation. 2 women will share a room.

- Full price: $3,335 - Early-bird discount to $2,999 available until 30th June 2018!
- Deposit: $800*

*Deposit to secure spot: non-refundable, remaining due 20th July 2018 (email details will following deposit)


Chantelle Raven has been facilitating workshops and retreats in the field of spirituality and Tantra for almost 20 years. Inspired by Tantra, Psychology, Philosophy and Shamanism, she is an accomplished Teacher and Practitioner whose teaching style is pragmatic, comprehensive, down-to-earth, and always has an element of fun as well as intensity.

Chantelle was facilitating motivational workshops in her 20’s as a successful CEO, and then after having her first child, moved into women’s work, writing her first of many books. When Chantelle experienced a massive personal health crisis (cervical cancer) she then placed all her time and commitment into the alternative healing arts where she uncovered her heart’s vocation in Tantra. Fast forward a decade and Chantelle has established the Eliyah Tantra School and has taught countless classes, workshops and retreats all over the world.

Chantelle’s energy, knowledge and passion will inspire you to change the way you look at life, love, sex, spirituality and the emotional body in ways that will remind you who you really are. For more information on Chantelle and her school visit:

Guest facilitator


We are most blessed to have Yemaya as a guest facilitator on the Living Tantra Retreat. Yemaya is deeply influenced by the teachings of Yoga and has studied Kundalini Yoga, meditation, Tantra and Pranayama in India and Australia.

He will be guiding participants everyday through an awareness of body, mind and breath.  His teachings will help you to open your heart, quieten the mind and ultimately become fully present. Yemaya will help you to cultivate a new realm of inner peace and joy by taking you through powerful practices every day both on and off the mat. He will also be joining Chantelle in guiding you through some of the evening rituals.

Yemaya and Chantelle will liberate you from denying anything that exists in the flow of life and in the flow of your authentic being. Absolute acceptance. Are you ready?

  • Date

    August 24, 2018

    Fri until August 31, 2018

  • Time

    8:00 am - 18:00 pm

  • Location

    Sparsa Resort

    at Tiruvannamali