THE DARK ARTS: 8 Weeks Men's Course

The Dark Arts is a dynamic 8 week journey offering men a platform to explore: Anger, Sex, Spirit, Purpose, Plants, Music, Mysticism, Addictions, Death, Magic, Ego, War and Enchantment.

One technique throughout, Kundalini.
Much of the 'men's work' available for these days can fall into two categories:
1. 'Women's-Work in men's bodies' where men are encouraged to be vulnerable and expressive with their emotions or;
2. 'Light-work' where we are expected to hold a space of "divine-masculine" or pure awareness.

What I have noticed however, in my own life and from working with many men, is that a major factor holding men back from owning their power and living on purpose is our negative conditioning around the DARK.
The intention of our journey is to create a space where Men can be Men; where we can grapple, grow, come into power, explore our relationship as brothers to know ourselves, each-other and our higher purpose
PART 1 SUBLIMATION (a word taking the Lower into the Higher)
Week 1 ANGER
Most men are conditioned to suppress anger and either end up expressing it unhealthily or become dis-empowered and emasculated by people who do own it. Harness your anger in a new way that works for you, especially useful for asserting healthy boundaries and being anchored to speak your truth when it matters.
Week 2 SEX
We don't know what we don't know. Learn how to become a masterful lover and the art of sublimating sexual energy. Take love-making into a daily spiritual practice, with or without a partner. Eventually learn to take love-making into similar blissful states as can be found with hallucinogenics.
Most personal development these days is based around our mind telling us what we SHOULD do. What's more important however, is listening to what your heart and balls have to say - and actually shedding persistent addictions that are stopping you from actioning your vision.
Much "spiritual" work these days is built around words...perhaps the language of God & Spirit is music?. Every man needs to find his instrument, his rhythm, some sort of PULSE in his life - Discover your instrument whether it's a drum, a didge, a set of DJ decks, a rattle, your voice etc. When you find your rhythm, you find your connection to Spirit.
PART 2 SORCERY (a word taking the Higher into the Lower)
Week 5 DEATH
What if you could be awake in the dream? What if the Plant kingdom was one of our greatest teachers? What if plants were not only shelter and food but also powerful medicines which could show us many things - even death. Learn how to access excess "shakti" from the plants and commune with the local, indigenous spirit of the land.
*Optional Ceremony, non-inclusive of course at an allocated time that suits all
Week 6 SPELL
Learn some tools for how to manipulate energy and use black magic to manifest. We are all unconsciously manifesting from our desire centres, it's best to work with this consiously and have awareness around it, to protect. Also, learn the basics of sex magic and how to play with power and submission consciously.
Week 7 WAR
Exposing each other's ego. Learning to lose the battle to win the war with certainty and truth. Let your fear (of humiliation / failure) die in the battle, to win the war.
Balance your masculine and feminine power so that no matter what happens, your beloved will always come back and will always choose you. Knowing your worth and reading between the lines with the Art of Listening.
BONUS WEEK 9 - CONSECRATION DAY with the ladies from LIFE TANTRA: My wife's Women's Journey is being run concurrently in Perth on the same nights as this one. On celebration day these two journeys will come together.
Event Host: Abby Branson
Where: Myaree. Box 33. Private Professional Gym
When: Wednesday nights August-September
Who: Dr Simon & Team
Course Inclusive of:
-1 hr no cost introduction / prep session with Dr Simon
-Weekly online support group forum
-Course Manual with written instruction
-Light refreshments
-Gut-Health & Detox Plan for the course
-30 contact hours
-Movement & Yoga Basics
-Team Support & accountability
-Optional Ceremonial Initiation available Week 5
Part 1 or Part 2 - $450
Full Series (Part 1 & 2) - $850 Early Bird (until July)
Full Series (Part 1 & 2) - $990 Full Price
*Please bring water bottle & a cushion

Any questions and enquires please contact Abby at
About the Faciltator:

Simon grew up in remote Western Australia (Mt Newman),
His Father ran a Martial Arts school and they spent much of their time in the bush. Simon's career began as a corporate chiropractor in Camden Medical Centre, Singapore. Five years after finding Kundalini in South India, Simon co-founded the Eliyah Tantra School. His three passions are the body, music and his wife.

  • Date

    02 Aug - 20 Sep 2017

    August 02, 2017

    Wed until September 20, 2017

  • Time

    19:00 pm - 21:30 pm

  • Location


    at Australia