Teachings from a Tantrica - a weekend for MEN & WOMEN

TEACHINGS FROM A TANTRICA - for men and women

“First, Tantra teaches us that our deepest hunger is for Divine, then it shows us that loving another is the relative experience closest to Self-Realisation. If you cannot love with an open heart, bid farewell to higher consciousness. Join us…for a journey into becoming the love that you are and sharing that love in the deepest way possible - spiritually, sexually and emotionally."
- Chantelle Raven

Chantelle’s recent experiences in India have inspired her to share some of her most potent teachings for the first time in Perth with both men and women. Beginning her spiritual journey 20 years ago, Chantelle has immersed herself into deep self-inquiry, philosophy, psychology, mysticism, sacred sexuality, Tantra and Kundalini. Her wealth of knowledge and experience extends far beyond workshops and books and some of her deepest initiations have arisen on sacred land and in sacred temples around the world, most profoundly in India - from where this workshop was birthed.


“The Seat of Realisation is within and the seeker cannot find it as an object outside him. That seat is bliss and is the core of all beings. Hence it is called the Heart. The only useful purpose of the present birth is to turn within and realise it.”
- Sri Ramana Maharshi

• Discover the Self - connecting spirit to matter, female to male, witness to experiencer and heaven to earth, so that you no longer need to depend on another for a feeling of validation and wholeness

• Learn the art of habit destruction rather than self-destruction! A tantric does not try to alter a painful situation from the outside, instead s/he destroys the ingrained habits that cause the suffering

• Fire the Sacred Furnace of your opposite gender or contra sexual self! You will be guided into a powerful exercise where you embody and express your female side (for men) and male side (for women)

• Learn to open to limitless joy and happiness as a path to awakening by freeing yourself of the delusions and expectations that contaminate the present moment

• Explore the benefits of authentic self-contemplation and meditation which loosens the grip of fear over your mind and heart, so that life becomes heart centred rather than mind centred

• Transform blocks and fears around sexuality and intimacy and understand what it means to truly engage in the ritual of Tantric lovemaking with "eyes open"


“Man sees woman as Goddess.
Woman sees man as God.
By joining diamond sceptre and lotus,
They offer themselves to each other.
There is no other worship than this.”
- Chandamaharosana Tantra

• Magnetize the opposite sex with your Awareness (Shiva) as well as your Love (Parvati) so you can envelop those you meet with a loving presence blazing from your eyes, heart and sex

• Experience looping Kundalini upward through the chakras as a way to generate the fire you can share with your partners. When the intention is pure, Kundalini heals us in sacred union with another by burning away predispositions or vasanas that hold us to our past

• Become a confident, potent and present lover through sexual alchemy – touching someone with more than just physical touch. You will learn to harness and transmit energy up into your lover's heart and pineal gland, fusing two into one single glowing being

• Dissolve the “I” to melt into Oneness through love and surrender. You will be taken through a process of letting go of the ego’s need to create separation whenever failure or rejection hits

• Learn how to raise sexual energy almost to the point of orgasm, but instead of allowing the energy to leave through the genitals, direct it up the spine to flood the heart. Using Kundalini-Tantra techniques, instead of racing towards climax, you will receive the tools needed to relax into an embrace that can last for hours, where the mind stops and you experience pure love and consciousness

• Ceremonious paired Tantric massage – underwear on. See your partner as Divine God/Divine Goddess. Learn to offer and channel bliss from the lotus of your heart and to receive that bliss into your very Being

• Learn (a) the power of transforming desire into deep penetrative awareness and (b) why retaining semen helps men to retain vigor, strength and tenacity of spirit. Women will also be taught how to support their men on this journey through raising their warrior energy into higher centres with their own focus and fire


Saturday, 18th November 2017: 10am - 6pm
Sunday 19th November 2017: 10am - 6pm

Replants - 96 Wray Ave, Fremantle, WA

• $400 for weekend (or $600 special discount for couples)
• $200 for Day 1 only (Note: for people who are uncomfortable with paired practise you can opt to do only Day 1. For those attending Day 2, Day 1 is compulsory.)

For any further queries contact:
Tara Meegan - Eliyah Event Organiser
0434 787 920

  • Date

    18 Nov - 19 Nov 2017

    November 18, 2017

    Sat until November 19, 2017

  • Time

    10:00 am - 18:00 pm

  • Location

    Replants, Fremantle, WA

    at 96 Wray Avenue