Sacred Relationships. Tantric Women's Business (Perth)

Are you ready to meet your potential and live in Sacred Union with yourself and with another?  

In this two day workshop we will be delving into the culmination of the Feminine and Masculine Archetypes - The King and The Queen!
Over the weekend you will be discovering how to:

  1. Attract a sacred relationship: become a whole being
  2. Know how to create and maintain a sacred relationship: connect animal, heart & consciousness
  3. Cultivate a sacred relationship with an existing or future partner: experience the dance of love and freedom


1. Attract a sacred relationship: become a whole being

Learn how to become a whole being in order to attract a 'whole' man, by addressing:

  • The Core Feminine and Masculine Wound (love avoider vs love addict)
  • The light and the shadow aspects of the Female Archetypes (mother, lover, priestess and warrioress)
  • How to drop into your healthy masculine to give yourself what you need


2. Know how to create and maintain a sacred relationship: connect animal, heart & consciousness

  • Learn how to explore the connection between two people’s animal (sexual) centre, heart (love) centre, and consciousness (mental, spiritual) centre,
  • Discover what domain may be out of balance in your relationship and how to heal it,
  • When chemistry and attraction occur around a person’s wounding, we are not moving beyond our pain body. By shifting this pain and connecting to love and trust, you can attract what your being truly desires and deserves.


3. Cultivate a sacred relationship with your partner: experience the dance of love and freedom

  • Ask for what you want! Your partner is not a mind reader. Learn how to assert healthy boundaries, respect your body and your needs and ask for what brings you both pleasure and happiness,
  • Explore how to love the masculine and feminine energies within your partner. By believing in him, supporting him, and refraining from chopping off his balls, watch his inner feminine unfold, and the closeness it brings to your partnership,
  • One of the greatest strengths one can possess in a relationship is to keep inner and outer harmony when triggered by your partner. Learn how to break the cycle of projecting anger, resentment, frustration or depression when your emotional body is activated; this in itself will transform your relationship,
  • Love making can extend far beyond the experience of a genital sneeze, and into the realms of magic, soul connection and healing! Learn key secrets of sex magic so that you and your partner can journey beyond the joy of physical pleasure, into emotional and soul satisfaction.


VENUE: Mind Body, Heart Studio (81 Nanson St , Wembley, WA)

DATES AND TIMES: Sat 20th August (11am – 6pm), Sun 21st August (10am – 6pm)


FACILITATOR: Dakini Chantelle (

COST:  $300 ticket

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  • Date

    16 Aug - 16 Aug 2016

    August 16, 2016

    Tue until August 16, 2016

  • Time

    20:00 pm - 21:00 pm

  • Location

    The Mind Body Heart Studio

    at 81 Nanson Street