Relationship Tantra - 8 Wk Women's Course


The fourth course in the 7-part LIVING TANTRA Women’s Journey with Chantelle Raven is here!

Relationships are said to be the quickest path for spiritual growth because of what they can bring up between two lovers.  You will learn how to navigate the realm of relationships so that they become your greatest teacher, not through separation or conflict, but rather through self-responsibility, self-love and honouring of the divine within yourself and your beloved.

This 8-week course will open a portal to becoming an empowered, juicy and soulful partner in your relationships, and to coming home to yourself as the first beloved.



  • A sexier, happier, more independent version of yourself
  • Seductive powers arising from courageous vulnerability rather than manipulation
  • Transformation of unresolved pain and patterns
  • Experience a love affair with your inner soulmate
  • Tools for greater intimacy in and out of the bedroom
  • Burning identification with the ego and mind illusion
  • Guided meditations, rituals and role playing
  • Practices to help you to embody sensuality, compassion and wisdom
  • Special Guest Jae West leading intuitive movement, activities and sound to inspire deep awareness to the physical, emotional, mental and physical body, each week.
  • Customized homework for your ongoing growth and integration
  • A manual full of goodies customized to dissolving co-dependency
  • Supportive sisterhood to hold you in your journey
  • Online group and individual support


If you are single and wanting to attract the partner that you truly deserve, if you are in a relationship that is not fulfilling you, or if you are in a happy relationship and wanting to take your intimacy and connection to the next level, then this course is for you.

As you will discover, the key to Relationship Tantra is in cultivating and nurturing your inner-relationship, knowing that all outer relationships reflect the state of this primary relationship with your own self.  So it doesn’t matter your age or your relationship experience, or what previous courses or experience with Tantra you have.  What does matter is that you have an authentic yearning to open your heart to new possibilities, take self-responsibility and to choose love over fear.  To anyone who deeply desires to experience a beautiful, loving, blissful and intimate relationship with yourself AND with a partner, this course will transform your life!




Week 1:  Releasing the Need to Grasp onto a Man

The biggest wounds that the feminine experiences are abandonment, rejection and the resulting feeling of unworthiness. The biggest wounds that the masculine experiences (also in female bodies) are withdrawal, closing off, feeing controlled and feeling afraid of losing autonomy and independence. A lot of spiritual traditions say that the answer is in non-attachment. However, Tantra is a tradition that encourages heart-opening, connecting and unifying practises that utilise pleasure and sacred sexuality as a healing modality. This evening, we will explore feminine principles and practices of healthy attachment, so that you can receive what you need without being graspy and dependent, or closed off and withdrawn. By opening to the possibility that the world is actually much gentler, kinder, and supportive than you perceived, you will learn how to attract the right people and places for what you need, practice interdependency rather than dependency, make healthy requests from your conscious feminine and masculine, and speak from your heart rather than mind. These practices will end the habitual patterning of compulsive anxious and avoidant behaviours, and create a life of meeting our needs and desires, through healthy, nurturing and empowered ways.

Week 2: Cultivating Conscious Masculine & Feminine

When we do not feel whole we turn expectantly toward other people for the qualities missing in ourselves, in the hope of gaining some completeness.  As a result, our relationships can become contaminated by insecurity, possessiveness and immaturity, as our search for fulfilment is directed to an outer feminine or outer masculine (the “other half”).    Ultimately, every soul’s journey is towards cultivating both of these energies within our own Being, so that we can claim back our essential wholeness.  This week we will explore transformative principles and practices for cultivating your own Conscious Masculine energy (grounded, creates safety, stillness & awareness, responds rather than reacts, witnesses without judgement, clear intentions and boundaries, disciplined), as well as cultivating the Conscious Feminine principle (playful, authentic, vulnerable, compassionate, surrendered, asks for what she needs, vibrates, flows, creates).  As long as these qualities remain fragmented and unbalanced in yourself, you will remain desperate for the company of others. By integrating the missing pieces of these two energies, your relationships will reflect the love, ease and unity that exists within your own Being.

Week 3: Pain in Relationship

Pain is inevitable in relationships, yet most of us resist it like the plague and desperately attempt to make our partner responsible for it when it arises!  What if you could change your perspective of pain, so that instead of seeing it as something to be desperately avoided, you could see it as the greatest opportunity to propel your growth and expansion towards a greater remembering of Who You Are?  This evening you will learn that instead of making someone responsible for your pain, or wanting someone to save you from your pain, you can work consciously with pain in a way that leads to greater self-realisation and deeper inner union.  Just as skilled medicine people can take poisonous plants and turn them into powerful healing tools, so too can the skilful Tantrica work with the energies of anger, sadness, desire and disappointment to her advantage, for deep transformation and awakening.  By the end of this night, you will have a set of unique tools to use when pain arises in your relationships, so that instead of conflict arising, you can transmute pain into pleasure and create magic and growth in your relationship.

Week 4: The Perfect Man & Greener Pastures

Where attention goes energy flows, and when we get into the all-too-easy habit of focusing on what is lacking in our relationship, or what we want to change in our partner, we feed the energy of separation and lack, creating conflict.  Unconsciously we have been sucked into the Hollywood ideal of the ‘perfect partner’, and once the honey-moon period is over, our minds start grasping for this ideal.  And so begins the vicious cycle of trying to change or manipulate our partner into what WE want them to be, and day-dreaming about greener pastures.  In the majority of cases we have simply stopped truly Seeing the person that we fell in love with, that is right in front of us (sometimes until it’s too late).  This week you will learn life-long practises to bring appreciation, love, playfulness, openness and gratitude into your relationship so that as that years go by, the passion, connection and love grows instead of fades.  When we take one step deeper into the realisation that the external world is just a reflection of our internal world, then we can really start to move mountains in our own relationship.  By become self-responsible for our thinking and therefore the reality we are creating, we can choose to create a life and relationship that reinforces the beauty, sacredness and aliveness that the human experience has to offer.

Week 5:  Sex, Love & Intimacy

There is this common perception that it is normal for sex, love and intimacy to eventually die down or become less passionate and intense between beloveds. Absolutely not true! There are simple, powerful, and reliable body-intelligence-based shifts you can apply, that will open your capacity for giving and receiving greater love, sexiness and intimacy in your relationship.  This week, you will learn Tantric techniques that invite intense aliveness into your Being and a coming home to yourself as the primary beloved. Through these techniques, you’ll discover that we were designed to purr like cats, and to live in a high state of emotional and energetic attunement. Whilst the “normal” state of intimate relating is falsely based on the belief that our pleasure is dependent on another, you will come to experience that when we’re fully alive in our bodies and heart, whilst holding presence and awareness of all sensations arising, there is a pleasure available to us that propels us to deep states of bliss.  This “new” state of intimate relating empowers our experience of pleasure to come from within, to heal any unconscious resistance to love, and to continually expand into greater states of love, pleasure and connection.

Week 6:  Reflection Rather Than Deflection

Too often, instead of listening to our partner with openness, we deflect what is being communicated to us by ignoring, withdrawing, attacking, trying to fix, or accusing the person.  What if something that has been said to you has an element of truth, which if reflected upon could open you to greater love and awareness of Self?  During this evening you will receive practical tools in the art of listening, the power of attunement, holding back your assumptions, not taking things personally, and turning the focus from outside of yourself to within.  Through mastering the art of compassionate listening and reflecting, we learn to foster compassion over pride, healthy shame over guilt, acceptance of pain rather than denial and distraction, and self-responsibility over victimhood.  When the roles become reversed, and we feel to communicate to our partner, we are more likely to do so without projecting, by holding the same compassion, attunement and awareness that we have cultivated through our listening and reflecting practise.  In this way, communication of needs, wants and desires between two people ceases to create conflict and separation, but rather allows the Souls yearning to be heard, seen, felt and loved to become a reality.

Week 7:  Knowing & Remembering Your Worth

You are a Goddess!  When we know our worth, then comparison and competition falls away and relationships become a beautiful playground from which Oneness can spring forth and true devotion becomes possible.  During this evening we will come into a beautiful body work practice where you release the past and open to the Goddess.  Together, you will clear all the stories you hold in your body from the past and bring healing to your heart so that you can come home to the present moment as the Love that you are.  This night will initiate you into your Sacred Feminine and will mark the beginning of your commitment to treating yourself as the Goddess that you are – with the capacity to forgive and drop away all stories.  You will learn and receive a simple healing heart practice that you can do every day to keep your heart clear and not get stuck in the past again.  The love affair with your inner Self is ready to begin!

Week 8: Roadmap to Living with your Inner Soulmate

By now, we have learnt that until we have a healthy relationship within, we cannot have a healthy external relationship.  During this evening, we will anchor the the true Inner Marriage within each of us by:

  • embodying the sensual, compassionate, wise lover of the Sacred Feminine
  • engendering the witness and knower of truth of the Sacred Masculine
  • fusing the feminine and masculine into One, so that your soul may rise beyond duality, and the aliveness within your Being dances from pure awareness

Be prepared to go on a deep journey this final night where you will experience shadow work, stalking your own beliefs about gender roles, seeing and owning your projections by discovering who mirrors your inner opposite, releasing personal and collective conditioning that no longer serve you, dancing the masculine/ feminine unconscious and conscious polarities within you, all to culminate in your taking part in an integration ritual of the Inner Union that exists within you.

Celebration Day: Self Marriage Ceremony

During this 8 week course you will have been provided with powerful methods for getting in touch with your essential wholeness.  Tantric art is filled with potent symbols of the unity and completeness of our being.  The image of female and male deities in sexual embrace is a symbolic portrayal of the inner unification of our own male and female energies.  On a deeper level, their embrace symbolises the aim of the very highest tantric practice:  freedom (masculine) and love (feminine) dancing together – freedom from delusion and suffering (bliss) and a love that is no longer conditional (non-dual wisdom).

We will set up an alter honouring the symbolism of tantric union and take part in a beautiful self-marriage ceremony where you commit to loving you for the rest of your life.  Sacred vows will be written and each of you will be celebrated in your inner union.




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8 consecutive Tuesday evenings

Dates: 27 February, 6, 13, 20, 27 March, 3, 10, 17 April 2018

Post Course Celebration: Saturday 21st 2018, venue TBC


Each week: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Arrival time from 6:00pm


Cottesloe War Memorial Town Hall

109 Broome Street, Cottesloe, Western Australia


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Chantelle Raven has been facilitating workshops and retreats in the field of spirituality and Tantra for almost 20 years.  Inspired by Tantra, Psychology, Philosophy and Shamanism, she is an accomplished Teacher and Practitioner whose teaching style is pragmatic, comprehensive, down-to-earth, and always has an element of fun as well as intensity.

Chantelle grew up with meditation and personal development in her home.  She was facilitating motivational workshops in her 20’s as a successful CEO, and then after having her first child, moved into women’s work, writing her first of many books.  When Chantelle experienced a massive personal health crisis (cervical cancer) she then placed all her time and commitment into the alternative healing arts where she uncovered her heart’s vocation in Tantra.Fast forward a decade and Chantelle has established the Eliyah Tantra School and has taught countless classes, workshops and retreats all over the world.

Chantelle’s energy, knowledge and passion will inspire you to change the way you look at life, love, sex, spirituality and the emotional body in ways that will remind you who you really are.

For more information on Chantelle and her school visit:

Special guest Jae West is an inspiring, talented and acclaimed choreographer, performer and creator, who will be starting us off each week using specific cues to bring deeper awareness to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. She empowers and inspires women around the world through movement, sound and activities to step into their FULL-est potential as the magnificent, powerful woman that they are, and will be bringing her magic to the Relationship Tantra Course.




Deposit ($300) is non-refundable

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The Course Outline, as described above, may differ depending on what the group needs as Chantelle values intuition above all modalities.



Lots of people believe Tantra is just about getting 'hot and heavy' and getting your clothes off. It’s not.

A doctrine originating in India, Tantra means “to stretch” ('Tan') “the instrument of yourself” ('Tra'). It is “the way of expanding ourselves”.
Tantra includes deep, physical intimacy, but it’s really about how to live an amazing life, how to have healthy relationships and process your emotions in a way that really serves you. It’s about being your authentic self, and living a vibrant life.

It's suitable for everyone. For people with partners, this course can transform your relationship. For people not in relationship, this course can give you the foundation you need to attract a healthy, passionate and harmonious relationship.

Yes. Tantra is about working with the masculine and feminine aspects within each of us, which is in a broader context, more than just our male or female selves.

Because Tantra works at very deep levels we encourage participants to keep in touch after a course. We are readily available by email (, and responds quickly to facebook messages on the Eliyah fb page.
For additional support, more formal one-on-one sessions can be booked through the Eliyah website:
The Eliyah website also provides many Blogs on topics that will be covered during the workshop and more.

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    27 Feb - 17 Apr 2018

    February 27, 2018

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    Cottesloe Civic Centre

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