Mystic Sister Circle - Embodying and Embracing your Healthy Seductress- Geelong


~ Embodying and Embracing your Healthy Seductress ~

During this powerful evening we will ask the question: what is the difference between the unhealthy seductress and the empowered healthy seductress?

We will speak into both with a beautiful ritual to help you to tap into the following:

"A woman who is contained in her sexual energy. She is completely aware of her sensual delights, yet uses it to bring joy and love, upon all those who enter her realm. She is the Queen of her Temple, whom shares her hearts gifts, with no expectation or conditions. She is pulsing with radiant life force energy but it comes across as sensual rather than sexual. Here is the key difference.
It is like a subtle energy, that is inc...redibly powerful. She is not trying to be anyone else or prove anyone anything, she simply is herself and accepts her self exactly as she is, her body shape, who she is, her natural gifts & abilities and is deeply self aware & oozes confidence from within. She feels safe and secure in her self, and knows that she can look after herself; on all aspects of her being - financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually. She trusts in existence completely, and can easily surrender to life in all its expressions. She does not fall for external definitions of beauty. She sources all she needs from within. She is tapped into her feminine power, all embracing of her sexuality, integrated & embodies all archetypes of the feminine. She knows her source of power lies within her feminine body, in her heart & soul. She embraces & adores her womanly curves, she is deeply connected to her womb & unwavering trusts the mysteries of her intuition." Mmmmmmm come journey with we shine the light of awareness onto the healthy seductress and her shadowy not so healthy counterpart. We will all leave having anchored in a completely new way of radiating our feminine energy. The result? Magnetising toward you exactly what you deserve!

These Mystic Sister circles include:

~ Authentic sharing where you are given permission to Be vulnerable and transparent and let go of the ideal woman syndrome

~ Insight into the Goddess Archetypes with specific focus on a different Goddess Archetype each week
~ Healing the many layers of the mother/father wound

~ Ritual, Chakra Clearing, Dance and Movement

~ Mystery, Magic, Sexuality

~ Self Love, Healthy Body Image, Healthy Independence

There will be a different themes each week....that will emerge fro the centre of each unique circle.

We shall move, cleanse, look into each others eyes, share our individual dreams and passions, laugh dance, and support each other to create heaven on earth. So much love abounds when sitting with women. A circle is a cauldron of energy and when we raise energy within a circle healing, transformation and manifestation can take place - and Magic! A circle is the living symbol of the Goddess, a symbol of interconnection, of sacred renewal and rebirth. When we combine energies in a circle, along with the energies of the four directions and Spirit Beings who are invited to join us, we are far stronger than when we are alone, and can experience the movement of energy in extraordinary ways. You will feel yourself joined to the earth and to the others in the circle, empowered by these connections.

If we can expose our heart to the heart of the Sisterhood we WILL receive the energy, clarity, bravery and gifts of receptivity, vulnerability and authenticity and you WILL leave the with a greater connection to your soul, your higher wisdom, your power and your truth.

Where: Cobbin Farm Chapel - 231 Grove Road Grovedale
When: Monday 1st August : 7pm to 9pm
Investment: $30.00 (no concession prices for this event)
- Spaces are limited so please be sure to "join" via Facebook only if you intend of attending.

The Facilitator:

Dakini Chantelle ( who is deeply passionate about exploring the realms of authentic sisterhood. She has extensive training and experience in creating a safe, loving space from where we can expose our innermost heart to the reality of what is happening in our body AND at the same time the glory that contains the possibility of the birth of the new woman.

  • Date

    07 Aug - 07 Aug 2016

    August 07, 2016

    Sun until August 07, 2016

  • Time

    19:00 pm - 21:00 pm

  • Location

    Comming Soon!!!