Kundalini-Tantra Weekend Retreat

With excitement,

We invite you to ELIYAH's Kundalini-Tantra Weekend Retreat; a taster on the fundamentals of Kundalini Energy and Tantric Principles.

Fully catered and set amidst the exquisite surroundings of Fairbridge Estate, you are in for a special treat…especially if the success of our last 'Kundalini-Tantra Training' in Bali is anything to go by.

This KT Weekend Retreat is dedicated to owning, embracing and integrating your 'animal' - allowing you to find your authentic expression in the world, your heart song and have some fun! The focus on the weekend is on you RECEIVING bodywork, teachings, integration and sound-healing from the ELIYAH team, as well as precious time away with tribe for movement and release.


In this workshop, you will use kundalini and shamanic tantric techniques, to explore how to:
-Activate your power centre
-Elevate your consciousness and clear out any unconscious blocks
-Re-ignite your primal life-force energy - your 'animal'
-Get in touch with your emotional body and find your roar
-Move your sexual energy to revitalize and empower yourself, in a safe and healing way
-"Let go" and move beyond what has been holding you back
- Understand shadow work and how to use it
-Begin a daily practice of deepening connection to yourself
-Open your heart to healing in a safe space held by highly trained ELIYAH bodywork practitioners
-Safely integrate back into daily life

Wondering what this looks like? Click below for a sneak preview of a previous Kundalini - tantra workshop by Eliyah

- What the weekend will look like -

Day 1: 'Fun & Raw'

Morning Session: Release

Afternoon Session: Activate

Evening Session: Celebrate


Day 2: 'Joy & Sorrow'

Morning Session: Invocate

Afternoon Session: Divinate

Evening Session: Integrate

You won't be leaving the same person who came in.


- Who this is for? -

-Are you stuck in any area of life and motivated to take action with new these new practices to powerfully move forward?

-Are you a business mentor, coaches or wellness entrepreneurs who has done lots of training though are now ready to connect with this missing piece on the path of more alignment, ease, and joy?

-Are you an open-minded individual who wants to challenge yourself on understanding success in life?


- Investment -

All inclusive of:

  • 1 x night accommodation on the mystical land of Fairbridge Village
  • Beautifully prepared meals each day
  • Two days of potent, raw, and life-changing practices
  • Five talented bodyworkers working with you one-on-one (experience each bodyworker)
  • A powerful variety of professional sound-healings each day to assist in unlocking the unconscious

Price: $750 (regular price) tickets.

For all enquires a please contact event host Abby Branson at: eliyahevents@gmail.com


- Cancelation Policy -
  • Deposit ($200) is non-refundeable
  • Cancellations on or before July 31st : Full refund (minus deposit)
  • Cancellations from July 31st onwards: Strictly no refunds
  • You may transfer your spot to someone else, but this is your responsibility to organise
  • Payment Plans: Offered on a trust basis. You agree to pay the full course amount by September 10th If you wish to transfer your spot and money is still owing, you must personally complete the outstanding amount owing.
*Completion of a short health & wellness questionnaire will be required to confirm attendance
- FAQs -
What is Tantra?
Lots of people believe Tantra is just about sex and getting naked. It’s not.
A doctrine originating in India, Tantra means “to stretch” ('Tan') “the instrument of yourself” ('Tra'). It’s “the way of expanding ourselves”.
Tantra includes sexuality, but it’s really about how to live an amazing life, how to have healthy relationships and process your emotions in a way that really serves you. It’s about being your authentic
self, and living a vibrant life.

What is Kundalini? 
Kundalini is your vital energy. It’s that ‘something’ that makes a parent rock their baby, musicians to write their melodies, lovers to sway during a slow dance…
It’s that something you experience when you try not to laugh when we’re supposed to be
serious, when you’re overcome with emotion at near miss at the football or grief at a funeral, when you’re pumped after an amazing yoga session.
Kundalini is life force—when accessed and moved, has incredible potency in your life.

I’ve heard some things about kundalini... Will I be safe to move my kundalini energy here?
You’re in safe hands! Chantelle and Simon are experts in kundalini energy and healing the emotional body. You’ll be supported and given all the tools you need to stay safe while moving energy. These are powerful tools you can use in your regular life too!

How ‘hands-on’ is this workshop? And does it include nudity?
The workshop will involve practical and physical solo, group work, plus you'll have opportunities to work with trained
bodyworkers during the workshop.
There is no nudity. This workshop relates to
sexuality, but involves non-sexual, uncomplicated & beautiful interaction.
Remember, you’re in your personal sovereignty 100% of the time. You go at your pace and do only what YOU want to do.

Is it for single people and people with partners? 
It's suitable for everyone. For people with partners - this workshop can transform your relationship.

Do I have to have a partner and must I bring them? 
No and no (unless they want to come!)

All genders & queer-friendly? 
- About the Facilitators - 

Chantelle originally trained as a lawyer (LLB, University of Melbourne) going on to complete two years training in Rudolf Steiner Education, followed by the completion of a certificate in Holistic Counselling. A committed mother of two, her career started in wellness and women’s health before later going on to pursue a corporate career, working her way up to become CEO of an interstate sales business. However, it wasn’t until Chantelle experienced a massive personal health crisis (cervical cancer) that she was thrust back into her commitment to the alternative healing arts where she uncovered her heart's vocation in Tantra.
Not long after surrendering to her calling, Chantelle was hand-picked by the faculty of one of the world’s largest contemporary sacred-sexuality training organisations, as a facilitator and trainer, covering Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle-East for the past five years. Chantelle has been working independently in the field of human development for almost two decades now and is a sought-after key-note speaker at international events such as The Consciousness & Sexuality Conference.
Chantelle resides in Perth, balancing her professional life of writing, private-practice, facilitating sister-circles, workshops and travel with her much beloved family. Her mission is providing education in radical self-responsibility and the sacred dance of masculine and feminine within and without.

Simon studied Anatomy through Curtin’s Physiotherapy Department, Comparative-Anatomy through Murdoch’s Veterinary School and Functional-Anatomy while completing his Chiropractic Degree at Murdoch University. He is a skilled body-worker, with a solid resume of experience. This includes work as a Corporate Chiropractor in Singapore’s exclusive Camden Medical Centre supporting executives with both their physical and emotional bodies. His anatomy teaching background includes roles teaching undergraduate Developmental Neurology as well as offering functional anatomy modules for local yoga courses and overseas at Ubud's Yoga Barn.
He has experience working with a number of well-regarded occupational-health and allied-health teams in Perth. He also facilitates community nights, brother's groups, yinyoga-classes, singing-circles and is passionate about people finding their voice.
The direction of Simon’s work incorporates his academic understanding and is firmly connected with his interest in yogic-breathing, having studied with various masters from Japan, Thailand, South America and Perth. Similar to the Developer of Chiropractic, Simon searched in India for mysticism of the spine, culminating with his awakening to Kundalini via mantra from a Sadhu (at Arunachala).

  • Date

    16 Sep - 17 Sep 2017

    September 16, 2017

    Sat until September 17, 2017

  • Time

    10:00 am - 18:00 pm

  • Location

    Fairbridge Village

    at South West Highway