E-MERGENCE. One Day Immersion

What is Purpose without Love?



E-MERGENCE (LOVE) with Special Guest ALYIAN



What is at the heart of Yoga?

What is at the heart of Social Interaction?

What is at the heart of Sexual Union?

What is at the heart of Marriage?


E-MERGENCE (Energetic Mergence) is here to TRANSFORM the way we look at Yoga, Relationship, Sex and Marriage, establishing an energetic education for "The Yoga of Relating". 


A classy, tasteful, safe workshop has landed to explore Relational Yoga

Brought to you by a:

  • Professional Kundalini Teacher
  • Professional Sound Facilitator


At this One Day Immersion you will:

** Receive a showcase of teachings and techniques 

** Learn the E-MERGENCE technique; a simple yet secret way to move the body for opening the ENERGETIC heart TRANSFORMING your personal, work, romantic & social lives as well as your Yoga or active meditation practice.

** Discover the difference between casual and sacred intimacy (for singles and couples wanting to understand energetic boundaries and initiate themselves into Sacred-Union)

** Learn a traditional YOGIC Model of energy rather than the Chakra System

** Take home a Self-Practice of E-mergence

** Safely be introduced to the phenomena of Kundalini, as well as other embodied practices to enhance your awareness, flow, abundance and consciousness

** Interact in a Sound Facilitation from a Musician & cutting-edge activist, using sound as a medium for emotional catharsis & harmony

** Play Shop; an Interpersonal Energetic Education

** Network opportunities for social growth and expansion


PLEASE NOTE: To maximise both personal and group growth, this Immersion will involve movement, interpersonal communication and vulnerability. Whilst we encourage you to move beyond your comfort zone, all participation is voluntary and you will never be forced to do anything you don’t want to.




E-mergence is for men and women, singles and couples. This is a beginner friendly event and no prior experience is necessary. We welcome adults from all personal development and spritiual backgrounds, including those who are entirely new to both worlds.


This jammed packed One Day Immersion will include:



Learn the technique of E-MERGENCE

1.1 Theory

** Learn the hidden motor patterns to awaken and open the energetic-heart.


1.2 Exercises

** Live demonstrations and practice opportunity.




Energetic Education

2.1 Theory


The sacred heart of sharing sexual energy is what's called E-mergence (energetic merging of the heart), which can happen with or without sexual-organ union / participation. Sexual energy is a strong initiator and sustainer of E-mergence however can also be a destroyer of it as we may become lost in its waters

The Song of Union


2.1 Exercises

** Fun interactive exercises exploring the permutations/variations of the E-mergence technique; “how to go deeper with someone without entangling with them”.

** How to connect at one centre, two centres and three centres socially, casually, intimately and in your yoga practice.



A spicy opportunity to ask questions to an established

** Sexual Educator

** Tantra Yoga Teacher

** Husband

** Wife

** Women's Empowerment Facilitator

** Young Couples Coach




Finding the frequency of Trust


Alyian - Musician, Artist and Community Activist


4.1 Theory

** SOUND as the highest Yoga.

** Delve into TRUST as the foundation for clarity and beauty within all relationships, inner and outer.

** A live CYMATICS machine.

Cymatics is the physical expression of sound energy in the medium of sand and water, visually exploring the harmony and geometry of the universe through vibration (ear plugs provided!)


If we experience a betrayal of trust - then stress & tension will build up in our bodies to protect us from it. For most of us, this defensive tension stores in our body until it is released, healed and integrated. How do we release this TENSION?



Deception awaits us in many places in our everyday lives and each of us know how it feels to have our trust compromised. so we call upon the community to heal ourselves, imbue us with newfound commitment to ourselves and our lives through a collective shift of energy, away from deception and into acceptance, together we will find the harmonic frequency of trust



4.2 Exercises

** A safe succession of emotional breathing processes; guidance through individual, paired and group healing to let go of deep stored tension in our muscle TONE related to broken TRUST.

** To find the ‘Frequency of Trust' from dissonance to HARMONY.









Venue: Mind Body Heart, 81 Nanson Street, Cnr Grantham Street, Wembley

Wear: Loose, comfortable, layered clothes

Bring: Lots of water, notebook and pen, cushion(s) to sit on

Parking: Verge side parking around the suburb of Wembley

Lunch: There will be a 60 minutes break to go to one of the local cafes in Wembley/Leederville or bring your own lunch to enjoy outside the venue at a nearby park.

Tickets: One Person $99. Two People $179 (save $40)






Event Organiser on eliyahevents@gmail.com





(Steven Aaron Hughes / Usurper of Modern Medicine)

Steven is a practitioner in synchronistic digital technologies in sound and visual mediums, incorporating performance, installation and composition in exploring the facets of sensory perception working in an array of fields in the realms of entertainment, information and environmental activism.

In 2011 Hughes founded his own video production company Blue Forest Media and has since worked as a visual artist on dramatic film and music video productions collaborating with high profile national and international artists, in addition to writing for and performing in musical acts including ‘Injured Ninja’ and ‘Usurper of Modern Medicine.’

Artists Steven has collaborated with include ORLAN, Stelarc, Chicks on Speed, Tame Impala and The Venus Project. His works include feature documentary ‘Frackman: The Movie,’ (2015) and the Perth International Arts Festival 2016 opening event ‘HOME.’

His musical projects have been won three West Australian Music Industry Awards including ‘Most Popular Release’ and ‘Best New Artist’ and he has been invited to perform in countries including Japan, New Zealand and the USA.  Between these acts and other projects he has released four albums, six EP’s and many more singles and collaborations on a variety of music labels around the globe.

Steven is a founder of Good Times Arts inc. who have curated an annual camping, music and arts festival named ‘Camp Doogs’ since 2013. Steven was an Artist in Residence at Fremantle Arts Centre in February 2015, CerCCa in Catalonia, Spain in June 2015, at NES Artist Residency in Skagastrond, Iceland in November 2015.

Read more here: http://alyian.com.au/ &


  • Date

    21 May - 21 May 2017

    May 21, 2017

    Sun until May 21, 2017

  • Time

    10:30 am - 17:30 pm

  • Location

    Subud Perth Centre

    at 222 Shepperton Rd