Equilibrating The Mind to Recognise Love


We live in a reflective world.  Our human body is a bio-electric magnetic body, to which our soul dwells inside of.  So we live in duality.  Duality which is made of science. 

Simple positive charges, negative charges and neutrons.

Our entire body is made up of these charges.

Cells are being born every day.

Cells are dying every day.

We are in a natural cycle of death and creation all the time.

In order to create more spaciousness and freedom inside of this body, one must learn to balance and equilibrate their thoughts, perceptions and emotions in order to more effectively master the human experience and utilize the full capacity of the mind. 

Every moment of life has complimentary opposites.

Happiness and sadness are one, they complete each other.

Kindness and cruelty serve equally in the game of existence.

However, our mind is used to only seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.

Pain is equal in benefit to the pleasure, so why run from the pain, when it has an equal amount of advantages.

Just like our body, made up of cells, has complimentary opposites, so do all emotions.

The key to releasing the energy of emotions in the body is both feeling it completely, as well as discovering the hidden blessing of the pain. 

When the hidden blessing is revealed, then the attachment to one side can disappear, and the full spectrum of the situation is seen.

When this full spectrum of yin and yang is revealed, felt and neutralized, a moment of oneness exists within our bio electric body, as the mind is simply at a zero point frequency, and it is not until the next thought, perception or belief, that we then leave these frequency and travel back into the ebbs and flows of being human.  This moment can last a mili-second to several hours, depending on the human’s ability to maintain greater equanimity in consciousness.

However, this is not a place to try to “go.”

There is no reward for being in a more equilibrated state, only just a greater level of inner peace fluctuating from the core of your being.

How does this process work?

Well, there are a few very short simple steps I will outline for you below.

First:  Recognize the situation where a “trigger” has occurred.  What is the specific characteristic of the individual you were triggered by?  This individual may be yourself, or a quality you have displayed.

Be specific, as this is important in clearing the energetics of the situation.

Second: Think of all of the people in your life that observe you acting out this particular trait.

Now, your first response to this will probably be “nobody”, as usually the aspects of our self that we judge in our self or others, we are not directly aware of how and when we also act out this.

So this first part may be challenging.  You can start with a piece of paper.

Write out the characteristic.

In the next column, write out the initials or names of those beings close to you who observe you acting this way that you had judged. 

While looking at this characteristic and people in your life, look at all areas of your life;  Social, economic, vocational, family, physical, mental, spiritual. 

Once you feel that you fully own this characteristic, you can move on to the next column.

If you are feeling stuck here, look at the advantages and disadvantages of this trait and be sure in your awareness you can see that this trait has an equal amount of benefits and drawbacks.

Third: While thinking of these individuals in your life who observed you acting out this trait, discover the hidden benefits for them.  How did they benefit from observing you acting out this characteristic?

What were the advantages for them?  Once you recognize completely and fully that actually by being what you judged in another, it was serving another individual, the “charge” on the situation dissipates.

Lastly:  We often have a future projected fantasy or desire of the way we wished something would have been, or we wished someone or our self acted a different way than what had actually happened.  This is part of our brain that creates these fantasies, grabs onto them, and then creates emotional upset when they don’t occur the way we had fantasized and dreamed about.  This is more often happening in our subconscious mind, so it can be a bit more difficult to become aware of.   The way to dissolve the charge around this, is to ask yourself

“What would have been the disadvantages in the situation if the individual displayed the other more “positive” trait?  Or What are the disadvantages of the fantasy or desired outcome of the situation?

This helps equilibrate the charge around something “needing” to be a certain way, and learning to trust and alllow the flow of life to be with us.

* This whole process can also be applied for traits or characteristics that you are “attracted” too.

Anything that you see outside of yourself that you have not fully owned, will continue to show up as a fantasy way of being until you fully own it within yourself.  This can be done, simply be doing the opposite of the above process.  This means

  1.   Recognize the trait that you are attracted to in another
  2. Who observes you acting this way in your life (look at all areas of your life)
  3. What are the drawbacks for this individual when they observed you acting this way?  (Disadvantages of this trait)
  4. What are the disadvantages for yourself if you acted this way?  What are the advantages of the the opposite of this trait?

This process can certainly be a bit “heady.”  The key is not getting lost in the mind, but utilizing some of these questions as tools to navigate yourself back to your heart. 

The mind is simply the control panel for our body that is seeking equanimity and clarity. 

By asking these questions, you can begin to discover more balance to the areas of judgement and projection in your life and begin to discover more freedom in all areas of your life.

 * * * 

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