THE 12 HOUR PACKAGE $3,000 (SAVE $600)

The 12 Hour Package is divided in six sessions of approximately 2 hours each and preferably over 5 weeks (or 3 days for those who are not local and flying in for an immersion )
The couple will learn:

  • How to create a safe and sacred space for Tantric Ritual
  • Tantric Intimacy: energetic and physical
  • Conscious, present, erotic touch
  • Tantric techniques where you will have the opportunity to take it in turns giving and receiving following Chantelle’s guidance and instruction
  • “Lover as Healer” – how to bring healing to each other through your love making
  • Conserve and transform sexual energy to release immense, potentially explosive, internal power
  • Have longer, deeper loving with increased presence and enhanced sensation
  • Expand orgasmic energy by stimulating the flow of life-force through the body
  • Kundalini Activation and merging
  • Communication training so that you can meet each others’ needs without becoming co-dependant
  • Exploring your fears, boundaries and desires together

You will also receive:

  • Exercises each week for Home Practice
  • Free email correspondence for the duration of this package 20% off all retreats you do together as a couple


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