Chelsea_short summary

Chelsea serves in the role of Medicine Woman with the Eliyah Tantra School

Chelsea is the daughter of an Ojibwa (Canadian Aboriginal) and was raised with a strong respect for Nature and the Shamanic traditions.  She was taught to always trust her “magic”, and how “lighting up her hands” moves energy in the body and spirit.

Settling in Perth at the age of 17 she dedicated three years of her life to a residential Spiritual Studies Program of an Ashram. Creating a strong foundation in meditation and self-awareness, the gifts of her Shamanic tradition took on a deeper level of integration as she learned to work with her inner voice and intuition at a more powerful level.

Following this program, she went on to explore the Tantric Arts. Totally captivated by the teachings, she immersed herself in Practitioner Training’s for Tantric bodywork and facilitation. In 2012 she met an extraordinary teacher, Eliyah’s founder Chantelle Raven. Living together for a year, she underwent a Tantric apprenticeship, holding Tantra sessions together before journeying into motherhood.  This next chapter of her life saw her train as a Birth & Death Doula, as well as a fertility massage and womb therapist. 

All these modalities, combined with her Shamanic lineage, has birthed an incredible capacity for Chelsea to work with clients on an intuitive, psychic and energetic level. Bringing her gifts to couples in Sacred Intimacy Work, she facilitates connection and depth into all aspects of their lives.  She also works with woman for Womb Clearing and Yoni Dearmouring, and with men to teach them how to Master sexual energy.