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As the leading Tantra school in Perth and Australia, Eliyah offer a comprehensive, supportive and embodied approach to Tantra. Eliyah’s foundations are based upon creating a new culture where love overflows, expression is encouraged, and Spirit is honoured. Eliyah’s Tantric Arts are focused on igniting the authentic expression of your being through the healing principles of presence, breath, sound, movement and touch.

Weaving aspects of Tantra, yoga, meditation, shamanism, philosophy and sacred sexuality, Eliyah will expand your awareness and deepen your embodiment in mastering the Human Experience. By choosing Eliyah, you’ll experience a new form of existence, gaining full expression of your being and developing a sacred relationship with yourself and others.

Inspiring men and women all over the world to embody the love and freedom that is their birthright, Eliyah’s Tantric teachings are incomparable. For more information, get in touch with Australia’s leading Tantra school today.

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Welcome to Eliyah – a boutique Tantra school committed to mastering the Human Experience through the embodiment of Integrity, Compassion, Receptivity and Presence.



One-on-one body/energy work. Identify and move through unhealthy patterns and trauma to return to your authentic self. Embody emotional freedom, pleasure and empowerment within your relationship with yourself and others.



Take the opportunity to create powerful and lasting change in your life through one of Eliyah’s events. Including interstate/overseas retreats, weekend workshops and 8-week women’s courses.

Claire Harding

Thankyou Chantelle, for guiding me back to my divinity and sacred sexuality. For your ferocity and your vulnerability. For embodying healthy feminine archetypes and freeing our emotions and giving us the tools for healthy expression. For cracking us all open and helping us to sit in the flames to rise like phoenixes. For guiding us to reparent and rebirth ourselves.

Stephanie Dey

What a life changing experience. There is not a man, woman or child that cannot benefit from this work

Juliet Allen

Something has completely shifted within my being, my body is in an ongoing orgasmic state… I’m so grateful for what I have learnt and experienced… this work really is life changing

Jessie Reimers

Far out words can’t even describe what a week it was…I’ve never felt so free and fully embraced who I am

kate barrett
Kate Barrett

Thank you so much Chantelle for the amazing work you are doing. Meeting you has changed everything for me, I felt like outwardly I was pretending to be a super yacht yet inside I was feeling like the Titanic. The work you do is what I’ve been searching for for years. I’ve finally found a raft that my soul feels safe to jump onto.

hayley michelle andrews
Hayley michelle Andrews

I wanted to thank you so much for everything you have already shared with me, I can’t believe how much I have learnt in just 4 weeks. I am loving everything about Tantra, I want to live it, breathe it, be it. I am so excited to continue learning. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My heart is full.

janelle nazzarri
Janelle Nazzari

Working with Chantelle is certainly life changing, however I never began this journey with the intention to change my life. But connecting to my emotional body has been life changing and the relationship and love with myself and the community within is beyond anything I ever thought was possible.

sorelle kelly
Sorelle Kelly

My first session individually with you and I am feeling how deep your love for humanity is…Thank You Sister, the depth of your love knows exactly where to go and penetrates and infuses my dominatrix mind with the raw and the real…the compassion in my heart for your strength, love and determination to live with purpose inspires me to the core.

Emma knight

Today I had a de-amouring session with Dakini Chantelle and my life has been shifted. I know this journey is the right one to be on to guide me out of the darkness so I will do this. It’s time.

sally jayne lemmon
Sally Jayne Lemmon

Over the last ten days I have grown, evolved & changed so much on so many levels. I have screamed, cried and hysterically laughed. I have sat in the physical sensation of absolute terror. I have delved deeper into a commitment I made to God.

tim morrison
Tim Morrison

The potential of this work is absolutely mind blowing and game changing, allowing the body to safely and naturally release trauma from the nervous system

tully o'connor
Tully O-Connor

Working closely with Chantelle has been absolutely game changing for me. Before Chantelle came into my life I was a massive people pleaser, long story short, working with Chantelle has turned the boy into the man. She has a unique way of helping you access those parts of you that are suppressed, it has completely transformed my work, my business and my relationships.

tara meegan
Tara Meegan

The work I have done with Chantelle over the last 12 months has been nothing short of life changing. Before I went to see Chantelle I was an overbearing, over emotional woman. She has shown me how to processes my emotional body when it gets triggered, instead of suppressing it or projecting it on those close to me, and I finally understand what it is to truly love myself.

Juliet Allen

Spending two days alongside these two powerhouses is always a privilege, and welcoming Kundalini Tantra into my life and relationship has been nothing less than transformational.

sarah bolton
Sarah Bolton

Since doing work with Chantelle I have become so much freer in my body + mind and I am no longer so affected by what other people think. Through this work, we gain awareness around unconscious patterns, and learnt ways of expressing and releasing emotion that has been locked down into our nervous systems to reveal more of the love and freedom that we truly are!

Sarah Bussell

Chantelle is a gifted healer who has converted me from Western medicine to a new way of viewing medicine – Eliyah. I am an RN and Clinical Mental Health Practitioner and can seriously say that no program has the ability to change generational patterns and unconscious behaviours like this protocol can. The future of medicine is here.

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