HALLMARK Shamanic Human Development & Conscious Networking: One Day Immersion

  • Cottesloe Civic Centre, War Memorial Hall Broome Street Cottesloe, WA, 6011 Australia




Together with fellow established leaders in Perth's Healing Arts Community, we welcome you to HALLMARK, the first Shamanic Human Development event and space for Conscious Networking of its kind.



Magic happens when people with a shared intent come together for inspired growth and co-creation.



Has all the Personal Development work you’ve done only got you so far? Maybe all the Spiritual work you’ve done has only gotten you so far? Perhaps you are still feeling unfulfilled in your relationships, not yet earning your desired income or your business isn’t quite taking off as expected?


At HALLMARK we offer a bridge between the two worlds. We meet in the middle at the Integration Level, where all 3 centers of our Being are connected. From this place we can trust, take inspired action, cultivate permanent change and start creating our dreams.


We may have spent endless hours reading books, listening to lectures and attending personal development seminars. Whilst valid and effective, these practices only penetrate us at ONE level, the Consciousness Level. When in fact, we need to be reaching deeper into our heart and instinctual centres.


For TRUE Human Development we need to move beyond just the Personal and dive into the:

(1) Interpersonal (connecting to others)

(2) Transpersonal (tapping into the 'bigger picture'), and

(3) Impersonal (going beyond the self)


"Similar to modern Shamanism, Tantra is a path of ‘un-personal’ or ‘trans-personal’ development, moving beyond the persona, beyond the conscious and into the unconscious," Song of Tantra e-book.



This jammed packed One Day Immersion will include:

  • Unique teachings and techniques from Dr Simon Martin (bio below)
  • Learning ways to integrate your Head, Heart and Animal* together for full embodied living and decisiveness 
  • Developing and deepening the connection to your Purpose within the areas of love, work, finance & home
  • Safely introducing the phenomena Kundalini, as well as other embodied practices to enhance your power, creativity, abundance and life force energy
  • Receiving Oceanic Sound Healing from a Marine Scientist and Musician
  • Discovering the power of the dream state consciousness for manifestation
  • Experiencing Interpersonal Conscious Communication
  • Networking for business and career expansion
  • Being witnessed and fully seen in your authentic self
  • Moving beyond head centric goals to connect to your Higher Service
  • Opening yourself up to Mystic Guidance in regards to Purpose and Action


*Animal= impulses, desires, instincts, emotional body, lower chakras, attraction, sexuality


PLEASE NOTE: To maximise both personal and group growth, this immersion will involve movement, interpersonal communication and vulnerability. Whilst we encourage you to move beyond your comfort zone, all participation is voluntary and you will never be forced to do anything you don’t want to.


ELIYAH Practitioner Training Kundalini Tantra 2016 

ELIYAH Practitioner Training Kundalini Tantra 2016 



Hallmark is for men and women, singles and couples. This is a beginner friendly event and no prior experience is necessary. We welcome adults from all personal development and spritiual backgrounds, including those who are entirely new to both worlds.




Imagine a day where we collectively begin by defining and re-defining our purpose, not just from the mind, but from all three centers of our Being; our heart, instincts and consciousness. We then weave through an organic and interactive conscious networking space, to naturally collide with new people and friends who share the same passions and direction as us. With our newfound tribe, we network and co-create together. From here, imagine experiencing and sharing age-old practices of manifestation for your inspired visions to take flight and inviting Divine Guidance to come through so they can integrate? This is HALLMARK.



PART 1: Personal Development: Love & Purpose

Led by Eliyah's Bodywork Team

"Our soul yearns to be a full YES to love and life. For this to happen, we need a YES from our animal, a YES from our heart and a YES from our consciousness in the major areas of our life such as work and relationships. If we are only a YES from our hearts or consciousness and are ignoring our animal, we have a problem! Likewise, if we are only a YES from our animal and our heart, dissatisfaction will eventually ensue," Song of Tantra e-book, Eliyah


Song of Tantra One Day Intro Immersion 2016

Song of Tantra One Day Intro Immersion 2016


PART 2: Inter-Personal Development: Connecting & Being Witnessed

Led By Dr Simon Martin & Boomtime Events

Imagine if Mother Spider never networked, connected or weaved? She may just be another bug in the forest! All it takes is for one person to TRULY see you and you begin to start truly seeing yourself. And once you start seeing and believing in yourself, then it becomes so much easier and effortless for everyone around you to start seeing it too!



PART 3: Transpersonal Development: Manifesting Secrets & Practices

Led By Eliyah's Music Team & January

"In Hawaii, the Indigenous Healers would laugh at how the missionaries would pray. They would pray only with thoughts and words, there was no breath in their prayers. Prayers are like a seeds! To pray without breath and song is like throwing away good seeds," Song of Kundalini e-book, Eliyah


ELIYAH Practitioner Training Kundalini Tantra 2016 

ELIYAH Practitioner Training Kundalini Tantra 2016 


PART 4: Impersonal: Integrating & Dreaming

Led By Eliyah’s Sound Healing Team and Matthew Hatch

It’s all good and well to be aligned with love and our purpose however we need practices and tools to open ourselves up to Divine Guidance beyond the mind for inspired action to be initiated. Our dreams are wonderful vehicles for accessing guidance beyond the mind.



Further reading material can be found here



Academically trained and internationally experienced Actor, Entertainer and Theatre Maker, Ben will be guiding the networking component of our day at Hallmark. Through Boomtime Event he aims to nurture the inner child of humans by facilitating fun and empowering workshops with community kids big and small. Ben has also trained and practices Shamanic healing and Reiki

Matthew is well known in the yoga community though his project, Samadhi Sounds, along side Flow Events and his other major project, The Bonnie Upwelling. Matthew's professional background is Marine Science and he is a specialist is underwater sound. Matthew will be guiding the sound component of Hallmark. 

January is an international vocalist touring between California, Bali and Hawaii. Her shamanic background is through her indigenous island roots in the Philippines archipelago. January will be leading the Shamanic sound component of Hallmark

Bass Tadros is a specialised hypnotherapist, communication specialist, trainer and public speaker based in East Perth. He has recently interviewed the likes of Dr John Demartini - personal development specialist. We are thrilled to have Bass along as a pod leader at Hallmark.

Cam Priyadarshana Fraser from Kāma Wellness is a Sacred Relationship Healer who incorporates yogic philosophies, Tantric bodywork, meditation, kundalini energy, massage, archetypal psychology, aromatherapy and counselling in to his truly holistic embodiment sessions. Cameron is passionate about helping young men connect with one another in healthy brotherhood and with their respective partners in sacred union.




Venue: War Memorial Hall, Cottesloe Civic Centre- Napier Street, Cottesloe

Weather: Expected to be in the early thirties

Wear: Loose, comfortable, cool clothes

Bring: Lots of water, notebook and pen, cushion(s) to sit on

Parking: Napier Street 

Lunch: There will be a 60 minutes break to enjoy one of the many oceanside cafes or bring your own lunch to enjoy outside the venue on the grass with your new friends!



Event Organiser: eliyahevents@gmail.com




This One Day Immersion will also introduce all participants to the Third ELIYAH Practitioner Training.

1.    Kundalini Tantra: Emotional Body

2.    Priest and Priestess: Pain-Pleasure body

3.    Coming 2018! 




Dr Simon Martin is a consultant with a background as a registered Chiropractor and an Anatomy & Yoga Teacher. 

Simon studied Anatomy through Curtin’s Physiotherapy Department, Comparative-Anatomy through Murdoch’s Veterinary School and Functional-Anatomy while completing his Chiropractic Degree at Murdoch University. He is a skilled body-worker, with a solid resume of experience. This includes work as a Corporate Chiropractor in Singapore’s exclusive Camden Medical Centre supporting executives with both their physical and emotional bodies. His anatomy teaching background includes roles as a sessional academic in undergraduate Developmental Neurology as well as offering functional anatomy modules for local yoga courses and overseas at Ubud's Yoga Barn.

He has experience working with a number of well-regarded occupational-health and allied-health teams in Perth. He also facilitates community Brothers groups, community singing circles and is passionate about people finding their song.

The direction of Simon’s work incorporates his academic understanding and is firmly connected with his interest in yogic-breathing, having studied with various masters from Japan, Thailand, South America and Perth. Similiar to the Developer of Chiropractic, Simon searched in India for mysticism of the spine, culminating with his awakening to Kundalini via mantra from a Yoga-Sadhu (at Arunachala).

Simon is the founder of Kundalini bodywork & co-founder of the ELIYAH SCHOOL with the beautiful Chantelle Raven.