Initiating women into their Power through Private Sessions, Women's Courses and One Day Immersions. All upcoming workshops can be found here.


The Cure for Gender Wars and Relationship Conflict

Ladies, would you like to be initiated into your own Masculine Strength?

My passion is in helping you to be response-able for your own emotional body rather than getting lost in it.  ELIYAH has the secrets that you need to start showing up for your Self rather than expecting the outer man to show up...because you may be waiting a very long time!!!

Dear Sisters, do you wonder why you get lost in your emotional body? Is it difficult for you not to become demanding when you are upset? Do you attack and blame your partner when you are not getting what you want? Do you select bits of “story”, distort reality and then provoke or test his love???

Exploring tantra with me is above all else, an exploration into growing your own “balls” so you can stop chopping off his. During sessions, circles and women’s weekends you will claim the sword of the Divine Masculine and put down the crazed attacking sword of the Immature Feminine...which will help you to slice through ego and stop giving your power away.

BE the man you need so that you can feel safe and the "wanting" for the outer man to create safety will fall will the suffering that comes with it.

My sessions, circles and weekends include:

  • Authentic sharing where you are given permission to Be vulnerable and transparent and let go of the ideal woman syndrome
  • Healing the many layers of the mother/father wound
  • Shamanic journeying, breath sound and movement
  • Mystery, Magic, Kundalini
  • Self Love, Healthy Body Image, Healthy Independence
  • Insight into the Goddess Archetypes



We shall clear out trauma, beliefs and trapped emotions that stop you from being able to be intimate, that stop you from enjoying sex, that stop you from being in your authentic self and that keep you from being in your power.  We will help you remember the Goddess that you are, who never takes crumbs on her table.



We shall move, cleanse, look into each others eyes, share our individual dreams and passions, laugh dance, and support each other to create heaven on earth. So much love and magic abounds when sitting with women. A circle is a cauldron of energy and when we raise energy within a circle healing, transformation and manifestation can take place - and Magic! A circle is the living symbol of the Goddess, a symbol of interconnection, of sacred renewal and rebirth. When we combine energies in a circle, along with the energies of the four directions and Spirit Beings who are invited to join us, we are far stronger than when we are alone, and can experience the movement of energy in extraordinary ways. You will feel yourself joined to the earth and to the others in the circle, empowered by these connections.

If we can expose our heart to the heart of the Sisterhood we WILL receive the energy, clarity, bravery and gifts of receptivity, vulnerability and authenticity and you WILL leave the with a greater connection to your soul, your higher wisdom, your power and your truth.