Defining any mystical term such as 'Tantra' can be a challenging task, especially when the term relates to the mystery of the feminine - which does not like to be caged in definition.  Like any powerful 'sanskrit' word, once you begin meditating upon it, you are drawn into its depths and the task becomes even more challenging.  How do you define a word that defies definition?

Deepak Chopra shares how defining the spiritual terminology of India can be an arduous task. He gives the example of the name 'Shiva', saying it will have 100 slightly different definitions across 100 different villages over the span of 100 km (the word 'Tantra' originates from Ancient India). 

Similar to the word 'Shiva', 'Tantra' has been appropriated from the east to take on new life in the west - it's expression has evolved over time, however hopefully its essence remains. We offer 13 definitions we have collected:


13 of ELIYAH'S Favourite Definitions for Tantra

1. God as a Woman

2. Seeing the body as the true temple or church

3. 'Tan' to stretch + 'Tra' the instrument of - 'the way of expanding ourselves'

4. To 'weave', 'loom', 'thread' the tapestry or fabric of life

5. Being totally present yet totally out of control

6. Finding the holy in EVERYTHING

7. Choosing with awareness what brings us joy

8. A collection of non-vedic doctrines from over 2000 years ago, originating in India  

9. Loving of the night and day both equally

10. A community bringing light to each other's shadow - as shadow is more visible to peers than ourselves

11. A womb, birthing into consciousness that from the unconscious

12. Mining the depths of the heart to bring the torch of awareness to one's shadow

13. An intuitive way of ceremony or mysticism


About Rose Tantra

The Australian Aboriginal word for flowing-waters is ‘Kundalilla’, much like the Ancient Indian word ‘Kundalini’.
The ‘spirit bird’ of many Australian Aborigines is the Black Cockatoo.
There are two main types of Black Cockatoo - white and red.
Just as there are two types of roses - white and red.
Just as there are two main types of Tantra - white and red.
The red-rose obviously symbolizes passion and romance ('lower chakras’) - we often see the Red-tail Cockatoos flying in partnership.
The white-rose more symbolizes purity and community ('upper chakras’) - we often see the White-tail Cockatoos flying in large flocks.
‘Rose Tantra’ is a combination of both Red (lower) & White (upper) meeting each other together in the centre to find balance, of the heart. 


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