Song of Tantra E-Book

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Song of Tantra E-Book



Consider this beautiful, 80-page e-book a radical new pathway for you to experience the love and freedom you already are for your relationship with Self, Beloved and Great Spirit. A great primer for those stepping into sacred relating or those already in midst of the journey.

Love Chantelle (Raven) & Simon


"The ABANDONMENT wound surfaces in the feminine whenever there is disconnection or rejection from the masculine.
The INTIMACY wound surfaces in the masculine whenever he feels smothered, constrained or attacked from the feminine.
Often a combination of both the Mother and Father wounds are at play, showing up as a cycle of moving desperately towards love (the ‘inner-child’s’ yearning) whilst at the same time moving coldly away from love (‘the guardian’s’ protecting)." The Song of Tantra


"In the old paradigm, we modify our behaviour constantly to meet each other’s needs, even if it is not in alignment with our authentic nature. In the middle path, we are open to the gifts and perspectives of our partner but we also do not lose our sense-of-self in the dance. This keeps the relationship AUTHENTIC and PASSIONATE.
 In the middle path, we see our partner as an equal and consider that sometimes their needs and desires have something to TEACH us. We hold deep love, compassion and respect for ourselves and our partner at the same time." The Song of Tantra


"If the feminine is giving herself away to someone who is only half choosing her, then she is selling herself for half price. And she is worth more than that." The Song of Tantra

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In The Song of Tantra you will find gems like:

  • What Tantra really is
  • Your Shadow aspects
  • Your core wounds and fears
  • The unhealthy and healthy masculine and feminine traits within you
  • What paradigm of relating you have chosen
  • The five principles of tantric relating
  • Tools for managing conflict

The purpose of this book, and the work of Eliyah, is to pave a radical new pathway where you can experience the love and freedom you already are without needing to move away from love to experience freedom and without needing to move away from freedom to experience love.

This means that the fear of commitment and intimacy no longer runs the show, nor does the fear of rejection and abandonment. 

Experience love and relationships like never before. 



"I recently read the Song of Tantra E-book and it blew my freaking mind. Having come from a Catholic Church upbringing, the only spirituality I knew was degrading, disempowering, disconnected. Since finding Eliyah- Dakini Chantelle and working with Dakini Chantelle my world has been enriched beyond belief. The Song of Tantra book has become my go-to reference for restoring my self confidence, balancing out my intimate relationship and reconnecting with my body on a daily basis. In times of crises, grief or despair I find myself in the bath or curled up in bed with my Song of Tantra. I am reminded to reconnect with my body, align my inner union and make peace with my wounds. When reading the words, I am empowered to reclaim my masculine focus, hold space for my beautiful emotional feminine and allow her to express and release all of her pain. Everyday I am learning to stay connected in love whilst allowing love to flow freely and not be in control. Song of Tantra has transformed my relationship with myself, my lover, our daughter and my career. I couldn't recommend it enough. Buy NOW!"

Kaylene Langford, Gold Coast