Defining any mystical term such as 'Tantra' can be a challenging task, especially when the term relates to the mystery of the feminine - which does not like to be caged in definition.  Like any powerful 'sanskrit' word, once you begin meditating upon it, you are drawn into its depths and the task becomes even more challenging.  How do you define a word that defies definition?

Deepak Chopra shares how defining the spiritual terminology of India can be an arduous task. He gives the example of the name 'Shiva', saying it will have 100 slightly different definitions across 100 different villages over the span of 100 km (the word 'Tantra' originates from Ancient India). 

Similar to the word 'Shiva', 'Tantra' has been appropriated from the east to take on new life in the west - it's expression has evolved over time, however hopefully its essence remains. We offer 13 definitions we have collected:


13 of ELIYAH'S Favourite Definitions for Tantra

1. God as a Woman

2. Seeing the body as the true temple or church

3. 'Tan' to stretch + 'Tra' the instrument of - 'the way of expanding ourselves'

4. To 'weave', 'loom', 'thread' the tapestry or fabric of life

5. Being totally present yet totally out of control

6. Finding the holy in EVERYTHING

7. Choosing with awareness what brings us joy

8. A collection of non-vedic doctrines from over 2000 years ago, originating in India  

9. Loving of the night and day both equally

10. A community bringing light to each other's shadow - as shadow is more visible to peers than ourselves

11. A womb, birthing into consciousness that from the unconscious

12. Mining the depths of the heart to bring the torch of awareness to one's shadow

13. An intuitive way of ceremony or mysticism


About Rose Tantra

The Australian Aboriginal word for flowing-waters is ‘Kundalilla’, much like the Ancient Indian word ‘Kundalini’.
The ‘spirit bird’ of many Australian Aborigines is the Black Cockatoo.
There are two main types of Black Cockatoo - white and red.
Just as there are two types of roses - white and red.
Just as there are two main types of Tantra - white and red.
The red-rose obviously symbolizes passion and romance ('lower chakras’) - we often see the Red-tail Cockatoos flying in partnership.
The white-rose more symbolizes purity and community ('upper chakras’) - we often see the White-tail Cockatoos flying in large flocks.
‘Rose Tantra’ is a combination of both Red (lower) & White (upper) meeting each other together in the centre to find balance, of the heart. 


Experience Tantra With Eliyah

Our upcoming workshops include an 8 Week Womens Embodiment journey, Life Tantra, an 8-Day Bali immersion for Women, Return Of The Temple and a Week long retreat in Byron Bay for our Practitioner Training

Private session also available. Please Contact Us for more information. 



When more love is trying to come in than we are ready or willing to receive, then the outer love is greater than the inner love. Someone can love you more than you love yourself, so you have to open to that love which means you grow.  And vice verca.

You may want to love someone else more than you currently love yourself, so this also forces you to open because you have to open to loving yourself more, in order love another more.  So, outer union is an opportunity to challenge and be challenged into deeper love.

We are never taught how to keep opening to giving and receiving more love - and it's scary! The more 'open' we become, the more vulnerable we are to being hurt.   As much as we would like, we can never trust or expect anyone to always be there for us and love us unconditionally.  At any given time, the beloved's destiny may take them away from us.  They could die or meet someone else that they are meant to be with.  Less extreme, they may have a bad day, a bad week or their shadows may come up in a way that makes them emotionally unavailable.

What we can do however, is trust ourselves. We can trust ourselves enough to hold our own masculine CENTRE and keep our feminine hearts OPEN even when it hurts.  We can trust our INNER marriage.  And in times where we lose our way, the stretch is to look at where we have betrayed ourselves, rather than focusing on where someone else has betrayed us.  This is where Eliyah comes in.

Through our private marriage counselling service and relationship counselling service we will take you through a process of feeling your inner marriage, so an authentic outer marriage can become manifest.

When we come from the full cup of our inner marriage, we can be a 'brother' to our beloved and a 'sister' in difficult times, rather than feeling betrayed that they can't show up for us.  When we focus on trusting ourselves, we are more concerned with what we can give rather than what we can get.  

How is Eliyah's marriage counselling and relationship counselling different to any other couple sessions that are available?


Old Model, New Model and Eliyah's Model

Eliyah is all about the middle path of relating, where it's not the old co-dependent paradigm of our parents and our grandparents, and it’s not the new sovereign paradigm which has more recently come into vogue - its’ a dance in the middle.

So basically,

The 'old paradigm' is of being co-dependant i.e. "let’s pay off a mortgage together and die".

The 'sovereign new paradigm' is of being independent - "I follow MY path irrespective of how it impacts others".

The middle path of relating is a third option, inter-dependancy, and is somewhere in the middle.

The older paradigm values safety.

And the new paradigm values freedom.

The old paradigm is like one circle.
The new paradigm is like two circles.
The middle path is a two circles coming together to form an infinity symbol - on their way together and alone.


Womens Work


The Cure for Gender Wars and Relationship Conflict

Ladies, would you like to be initiated into your own Masculine Strength?

My passion is in helping you to be response-able for your own emotional body rather than getting lost in it.  ELIYAH has the secrets that you need to start showing up for your Self rather than expecting the outer man to show up, because you may be waiting a very long time!

Dear Sisters, do you wonder why you get lost in your emotional body? Is it difficult for you not to become demanding when you are upset? Do you attack and blame your partner when you are not getting what you want? Do you select bits of “story”, distort reality and then provoke or test his love?

Exploring tantra with me is above all else, an exploration into growing your own “balls” so you can stop chopping off his. During sessions, circles and women’s weekends you will claim the sword of the Divine Masculine and put down the crazed attacking sword of the Immature Feminine, which will help you to slice through ego and stop giving your power away.

BE the man you need so that you can feel safe and the "wanting" for the outer man to create safety will fall away, so will the suffering that comes with it.

My sessions and workshops include:

  • Authentic sharing where you are given permission to be vulnerable and transparent and let go of the ideal woman syndrome
  • Healing the many layers of the mother/father wound
  • Shamanic journeying, breath sound and movement
  • Mystery, Magic, Kundalini
  • Self Love, Healthy Body Image, Healthy Independence
  • Insight into the Goddess Archetypes



We shall clear out trauma, beliefs and trapped emotions that stop you from being able to be intimate, that stop you from enjoying sex, that stop you from being in your authentic self and that keep you from being in your power.  We will help you remember the Goddess that you are, who never takes crumbs on her table.



We shall move, cleanse, look into each others eyes, share our individual dreams and passions, laugh, dance and support each other to create heaven on earth. So much love and magic abounds when sitting with women. A circle is a cauldron of energy and when we raise energy within a circle, healing, transformation, magic and manifestation can take place! A circle is the living symbol of the Goddess, a symbol of interconnection, of sacred renewal and rebirth. When we combine energies in a circle, along with the energies of the four directions and Spirit Beings who are invited to join us, we are far stronger than when we are alone, and can experience the movement of energy in extraordinary ways. You will feel yourself joined to the earth and to the others in the circle, empowered by these connections.

If we can expose our heart to the heart of the Sisterhood we WILL receive the energy, clarity, bravery and gifts of receptivity, vulnerability and authenticity and you WILL leave the with a greater connection to your soul, your higher wisdom, your power and your truth.