Review of Kundalini Tantra Retreat

"I'm currently at a Kundalini Tantra Yoga retreat in a remote area at the top of Bali. I'm here with 24 other beautiful souls from around the world. Everyone here has done a lot of inner healing work, but even my own journey could not have prepared me for the intensity of this week. On day 1, we got right into it.

One person felt brave enough to volunteer to have the first Kundalini experience with the facilitators. Everyone else sat in a circle. He told us a bit about his sto...ry, becoming increasingly emotional. He had been a successful Muay Thai boxer and more than anything wanted a career as a professional athlete. But then he got injured. He had chronic pain in his back. He could no longer compete. His world came crashing down. He went down a very deep spiral, becoming suicidal. Part of himself died that day. By now we were all in tears.

The teachers sat him down and began doing their work, guiding him to move his energy up from his base chakra to his heart chakra. To release the locked- in emotion stored in the body. To surrender. His body began shaking. Convulsing. He began screaming. It was a total catharsis. People rushed over to him, placing their loving hands on him. He was completely surrounded by love.

We starting saying, 'rise'. Rise. We all stood up and held hands in unity. He started standing up. We cheered. We cried tears of joy. We sang. He had been reborn. After, he moved around the circle and made eye contact with every person. Normally I would have wiped my tears away, but it didn't feel right to do that. I felt so much happiness and love for this person I didn't even know, but it didn't matter. His eyes were so full of light, so clear, so beautiful. It was like looking at someone brand new.

He said he felt accepted. He had never felt like that before.

In his most vulnerable, most raw, totally undone, we saw him deeply. Love flowed from every person without question. Intimacy is the shared, sacred place where you meet the pain in each other. This is what it means to be a full human being. To truly see one another. Deep down, we all crave and need loving acceptance. This is the truth beneath every human life no matter how it looks on the surface - we have all suffered. The next time you look into someone's eyes, really see them for the first time. Who is this person in front of you? Can you be fully present with them? Can you love them unconditionally from your deeper heart? From the place within you that longs to be seen and accepted?"

Danielle Alexandria, Retreat Attendee, June 30, 2016