The-Yoga-of-Kundalini vs The-Tantra-of-Kundalini: What's the Difference?

Yogic practices in the West are wonderful vehicles for physical, mental and spiritual exercise e.g. holding postures (asanas), controlling the breath (pranayama) and focussing the mind (meditations). As a 'group' this form of practice is called ‘sublimation’, what we might call ‘masculine’ practices because it is a form of ‘control’ or ‘discipline’, which brings us into the ‘light’ of awareness.

These are wonderful tools for the physical, mental and spiritual self, however do not directly touch upon the EMOTIONAL body. Here in lays the difference between the Yoga of Kundalini and the Tantra of Kundalini.

(Note: ‘Kundalini-Yoga’ is actually a ‘brand-name’ from a very popular and regarded school of yoga in America which combines, Sikh Mantra, Tantric Philosophy and Hatha Yoga all together into a modern approach. ‘Kundalini Yoga’ practices ‘Kriyas’ which PREPARE the body for Kundalini. Often ‘Kriyas’ is enough for Kundalini to organically arise in the spine).


Whereas the Yoga-of-Kundalini is more masculine and ‘light’; often being associated with gentle, angelic attire and music (while watching a teacher - at the front of the class). Tantra of Kundalini is more feminine and ‘dark’ in nature, often associated with raw emotion, sounds of catharsis, tears or anger (while being held by the teacher/s - within a circle).

So the emotional-body is 'feminine' in nature and this is the home of 'Kundalini-Shakti'. Consider the waters of emotion to be like a storm cloud - and Kundalini to be like the lightning. For people to activate Kundalini, there needs to be an entering into the 'waters', into their vulnerability - while be witnessed and held in their human-ness.

So what is the difference between the Yoga-of-Kundalini and the Tantra-of-Kundalini? The former PREPARES while the latter INITIATES.

If we’re sincere with exploring Kundalini, then both are obviously important.
If we only do Kundalini Preparation, we become too ‘Love and Light’.
If we only do Kundalini Activation, we become too ‘Dark and Dramatic’.


Now imagine a scene at Black Wall Reach in Fremantle.

The masculine is too scared to jump, so he stretches his arms and legs, ‘preparing’ to jump. He doesn’t want to look down because he’s scared of the waters, so he meditates on the sunset (the light). The feminine on the other hand can’t be bothered making the arduous climb up the rock-face, so she frolics in the depths of the waters (the dark). She misses the perspective of the sunset and he misses the feeling of the waters. And neither experience the exhilaration of the fall.
For Kundalini both Yoga (non-dual) and Tantra (dual) are needed to come together. So ideally, he holds her hand, to help her up the rock-face and she holds his hand, to help him jump.

HE is your own inner-masculine, SHE is your own inner-feminine.



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