It Pisses You off? It’s Disgusting? It’s Annoying? That’s Your Shadow Speaking

There comes a time when concepts, manuals, techniques, new places, workshops, books, videos, drugs, can’t fix us anymore. The only thing that can help us getting raw and facing who we really are. To truly embrace our ALL, we must embraceour shadows. Getting real with our shadows is getting real with yourself, meeting the aspects of ourselves that we judge and transforming them into power.


What is shadow?

Put simply, our shadow is any part of ourselves that we hide, deny or judge. A good way to recognise a shadow is when there is a part of us that we want to get rid of, that we wish would go away because without it, we think we would be safer, more spiritual, a better person, more loveable.

Your shadow gets triggered by other peoples behaviour too. The thing that really pisses you off about that guy at work? Your friends? Your sister?  Your brother? Thats you projecting your shadow onto others.

Sometimes a shadow we’re projecting could be something we cannot bring ourselves to accept in ourselves(e.g. being promiscuous or selfish). Wherever there is projection there is a shadow.


Why do I need to deal with my shadow?

To know ourselves, love ourselves, live authentically, we need to realise that were everything. What we idolise, fear, follow, judge, run away from, move towards. All of it: shadow and light. The question is: what do we deny, hide and judge? Thats where the gold is.

The beauty of shadow work is that when a denied piece of ourselves is seen, owned and embraced with compassion, it no longer has power over us. Its kinda ironic considering that the reason we deny the shadow is because we fear itll take our power away


But I dont have a shadow!

EVERYONE has a shadow! Its just a question of whether or not you know about yours Denying our shadow or staying blind to it simply doesnt work. Shadows express themselves one way or another. How is yours affecting your life?

I can work with you through this. In our sessions you’ll learn

Life changing tools that will help you to identify your shadow
Love and embrace ALL of yourself
See the gold that sparkles you meet your shadow with love and compassion