Rose Medicine

A man came home one day to find his wife was sad.
His younger brother was a Psychiatrist who said "she is depressed & a little emotionally weak; let us prescribe her anti-depressants".

His older brother was a Psychologist who said "she is not is the couple who is depressed...and the sadness is being expressed through the woman in this instance. She is the one who is emotionally strong enough to feel the pain".

Yogananda to Ramana: "Why do some people suffer, it doesn't seem fair?"

Ramana to Yogananda: "it simply is the way"

So what is it that makes us feel the pain? 

The essence of Rose Medicine reminds us - the one who bears the thorns is forever rewarded with joy of seeing those they love blossom, in this moment & there after.

Story by Simon Martin. 

'Bringing the feminine back into the healing arts'