Sacred Union as a Healing Art

"The power which made the body can heal the body." The magnetism of the Lover & Beloved.


Let’s consider some of the dominant healing modalities in Western Culture and define their unique-practice-point:


REIKI - Connecting with the Energetic Body

MASSAGE - Helping Ease Muscle & Tissue Tension in the Body

YOGA - Marrying Breath with Movement

MEDITATION - Stilling the Mind & Connecting to Spirit

CRANIO-SACRAL - Connecting with the Cranio-Sacral-Rhythm

OSTEOPATHY - Helping Blood Flow to Organs through Reflex Points

ACUPUNCTURE - Balancing the Meridian System (Energetics)

PILATES (mat) - Controlling Core Mechanics

CHIROPRACTIC - Addressing Fixed Joints to Open the Spine

KINESIOLOGY & BODY TALK - Mind to Body connection with Touch & Words

CHANTING - Marrying Breath & Sound

SHAMANISM - Conduit between Spirit-realm & 3D

HOLISITIC COUNCELLING - Active Listening & Sharing

PRAYER - Marrying Intention with Breath


Together Chantelle & Simon are trained and/or certified in nearly all the above modalities and suggest Sacred-Union (the art of two whole beings raising each-others Kundalini) to be the Mother of all these Healing-Arts and advocate as being more powerful than all of the above combined together. And this healing can happen naturally and intuitively without having to formally learn specific ‘techniques’ or even know you are doing them. 

For example, Kundalini, the power which made the body (a phenomenon which can be fully activated without sexual arousal) can be directed into the spine, making for a more profound/effective release than Chiropractic.

So rather than us learning 10 or so different 'techniques', should we first start with The One? Join us as we explore Sacred-Union beyond pleasure and pro-creation, as we immerse ourselves in this Master Healing Art.

Let us own the power we have in our own bodies, learning the variations of Loving Embrace, with conscious present touch, as the most powerful, primitive, natural medicine available to us on earth.

Above all, Sacred-Union is our window to be fully SEEN and FELT.

Love Chantelle & Simon